Leica PAV100 Gyro-Stabilised Sensor Mounts

Precise aerial sensor stabilisation for any system, in any flight condition

Precise sensor stabilisation during flight is essential for good data quality, no matter the sensor. For imaging sensors, it means obtaining the sharpest possible images, regardless of aircraft motion. For LiDAR sensors, it means maintaining maximum consistency in along-track point spacing, even with turbulence-induced aircraft pitching. And for both sensor types, accurate roll and drift compensation allow for smaller margins when planning side overlaps, resulting in fewer flight lines to cover the area of interest. The Leica Geosystems PAV100 family includes the PAV100, PAV100-HP and PAV100-HPH, providing the optimal mount for the sensor types used. Install sensors from 5 to 100 kg, without compromising stabilization performance. The common platform uses standard aircraft and sensor system interfaces, maximizing flexibility and minimizing training costs.

Cost savings

  • More efficient flights with fewer flight lines
  • Efficient area coverage with less stress on the flight crew
  • Familiar installation and operation for all models

Best stabilisation

  • Automatic correction for angular motion
  • Perfect vertical photography for superior image quality
  • Automatic drift correction
  • Wide stabilisation range

Any flight condition

  • Fast, wide-range motion compensation allows use during turbulent flights
  • High-accuracy stabilisation minimizes image blur
  • Operates in a wide environmental range
Leica Xpro


Airborne sensor software solution.

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