Leica Basic Paving System

Asphalt paver control system using ultrasonic, laser and slope

Leica Basic Paving System

Pave cement-bound material or asphalt quickly, easily and accurately with the Leica Basic Paving System. Save material and costs by getting to the optimal grade the first time without limiting the possibility to expand the system to stringless technology, if future projects might require it.

The Basic Paving System is flexible and fully upgradeable - from the basic system using height or slope sensors up to high-precision 3D stringless paving with Leica PaveSmart 3D.

Whether you want to pave or mill with ultra-sonic to scan the stringlines or are controlling cutting depths with side plate sensors or ground sensing, you have many options in a flexible and simple way. Sensors can be retrofitted or replaced easily and at any time.

Key benefits of the Basic Paving System:

  • Works as stand-alone system
  • Complete system with Cross slope
  • Simple, non-contact copying of reference heights with Sonic Ski
  • Modular system - you can can mix-and match single sensor or multiple sensors types, even with the 3D system for joint-matching to existing surfaces
  • Expandable for stringless PaveSmart 3D solution
  • Depending on project needs, the stringless system can use GNSS (GPS, Glonass) or robotic total stations to position and control the machine
  • Flexible and ruggedised hardware components
  • Easy-to-operate - only four keys for quick learning

Leica Geosystems can offer you the right sensor for any task. Our unique ‘Plug & Pave‘ technology makes it easier than ever for you to save time, money and effort on your paving jobs.


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