Leica CrossCheck

GNSS reference station integrity monitoring

Leica CrossCheck is a web-based service for GNSS reference station coordinate calculation and network integrity monitoring. Highly trained specialists at Leica Geosystems process your GNSS RINEX data using the latest geodetic software and algorithms to provide highly accurate estimates of site movements. Access the accurate and timely overview on the status of projects by using a range of easy-to-interpret maps, graphs, images and tables.

Reference station network operators can be sure that they always have the highest quality coordinates for their networks. Via CrossCheck webpage and scheduled reports they can anytime and anywhere access the  latest solution and make an informed decision.

Leica CrossCheck uses the latest version of Bernese Software to process the delivered RINEX files. Raw data quality assessment, overall GNSS processing, comprehensive visualisation of results and reporting service are provided to the end users. Thus, no in-house specialist, IT infrastructure or software is needed on user's side.

Two types of service are offered:

1. Monitoring service

  • Continuous integrity monitoring of GNSS sites
  • Customisation of the each project
  • Daily solution for station displacements
  • Multiple graphical and numerical data representation available, including the near real-time status view
  • Various automatic and customised reporting options
  • Online access to results anywhere, anytime
  • Messaging and warning of significant station movements

2. Single Computation

  • Single or periodic customized GNSS campaigns
  • Easy-to-understand PDF reports
  • Results delivered in global and user-defined reference frame

Modern, secure & future-proof service

  • Interactive and flexible viewing options available after a single login
  • Clear and easy-to-understand presentation of processing results including site movements, troposphere estimates, site status and site metadata
  • Simplified project analysis thanks to intuitive graphs, tables, images and maps
  • Real-time status view
  • Customized reports downloaded on demand or delivered to your email
  • Interoperable with a wide range of Leica Geosystems and third party GNSS software and hardware
  • Physical and electronic security of data
  • Protection against misusage via encrypted passwords

See www.crosscheck.leica-geosystems.com for a demo account and more information.

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