A large selection of quality tripods for all applications.

Construction Tripods

High-quality and robust tripods.


Original quality tribrachs to comply with all accuracies.

Batteries & Chargers

Chargers and batteries that are perfect for each instrument.


Highest quality glass and optical coatings for longevity.

Bags & Containers

Bags & containers designed for maximum protection & comfort.

TPS and GNSS poles

Original poles with optimal balance of weight and stability.

Data Storage Media

Storage media that are perfectly matched to instruments.

Data Transfer Cables

Extremely reliable and secure cables for all instruments.

Accessories Catalogue

Find all tech and spec details on the online catalogue

Transparent choice

Leica Geosystems offers its original accessories in three series for differing requirements. Professional 5000, Professional 300 and Professional 1000


To be precise: Every detail counts

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