The Value of Reality Capture Technology in Heavy Construction

Enabling contractors to improve accuracy, reduce costs, enhance collaboration, and ultimately deliver higher-quality construction projects more efficiently

Dirt.Simple Data Collection

Contractors need fast and easy access to accurate and useful information to complete their projects on time, on spec, profitably, safely and sustainably. Reality capture technology can provide this data by creating a digital twin of the physical world. This technology uses hardware and software to capture real-world situations and turn them into useful insights for decision-making. The data can be used for many different applications throughout the construction process, such as

  • Capturing the terrain conditions
  • Optimising the design and planning process
  • Creating detailed as-built reports and quality inspections
  • Monitoring and facility management of the final infrastructure

The captured data provides a digital record of the real-world conditions throughout the project, creating a single source of truth for stakeholders. This digital representation can be used to visualise and analyse real-world environments and systems and generate a machine-readable reality, paving the way for an autonomous future powered by Smart Digital RealityTM.

Eliminate uncertainties

Reality capture solutions can help with every aspect of a construction project, from planning and estimating to progress tracking and as-built documentation. By using easy workflows to create a digital record of the project, these solutions can eliminate uncertainties, reveal inconsistencies, and prevent errors. This allows for more informed decision-making and improves efficiency throughout the project.

Minimise risks

Reality capture technology makes it easy to “scan and can” the actual situation to create a single source of truth. The workflow is simple and fast: without disrupting ongoing operations, the hardware captures everything from a safe distance, without the need to climb on heights or into depths. The digital record minimises human errors, ensuring reliable planning, increased productivity, and more secure budgeting.

Enhance communication

Reality capture technology provides the highest level of information for all stakeholders. Decision-makers can see the actual construction site digitally, without having to visit in person. Collaboration between field and office across teams and enterprises is made dirt.simple through automated workflows and cloud connectivity.

Become future-proof

Become more independent by increasing the in-house competencies with reality capture technology. Having on-site verification and a complete digital record of your projects gives you a competitive advantage and helps to pave the way for an autonomous future. Automated workflows and machine-readable information deliver the right information in the right place at the right time.

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