TPS and GNSS poles

Lightweight construction, high stability, robust quality

Using a professional surveying pole is essential if you want to gain the accuracy needed in today’s data collection. Due to the use of materials such as carbon and aluminium, the original poles from Leica Geosystems offer an optimal balance of weight, stability and longevity.

According to series and model, they are available either with a tip made of Widia®, an extremely hard carbide material, or with interchangeable tips. Their construction allows simple handling with high application steadiness.

The right pole for your task
Leica Geosystems offers you a large selection of high-value poles for all survey instruments and applications. The right pole choice is decisive if the indicated accuracy of an instrument is to be reached. The classifcation “heavy duty” and “light duty” is widely based on ISO Norm 12858-2. They differ through the stability requirements and instrument weight.

Pro 5000: GLS 30 & GLS 31

The Professional 5000 Series meets the highest demands for precision, reliability, longevity and service helping you achieve the best possible measurement accuracy with these products. We recommend this series for highest accuracy class poles. For use even in extreme conditions of –20 to + 50 °C, all working parts remain available years after product is discontinued. The chosen materials guarantee a maximum lifetime, even under the most extreme conditions.

Pro 3000: GLS 12 & GLS13

The Professional 3000 Series meets high standards in ­exactness, function, consistency and service. It is conceived for all applications where a positioning accuracy of 3 mm and more is sufficient. For use even in extreme conditions of –20 to + 50 °C with the most important working parts remaining available years after product is discontinued. The materials used provide a long lifetime, even under difficult conditions.

Pro 1000: GLS102

The Professional 1000 Series reliably fulfils all requirements of the most common surveying tasks. For applications with required position accuracy in 10 mm range. For use only in normal to ­demanding conditions of –10 to + 40 °C. Spare parts available only for selected products. The material selection ensures a long lifetime under normal ­conditions.

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Transparent choice

Leica Geosystems offers its original accessories in three series for differing requirements. Professional 5000, Professional 300 and Professional 1000


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