Leica iCON build Construction Software

Intuitive software package for building construction applications

Working in today’s digital building construction industry demands efficiency and quick decision making to stay on track and minimise rework. Leica iCON build construction software provides unseen versatility and flexibility for field crews to conduct layout, as-built and verification tasks on projects. Improve speed, performance and accuracy with just one custom built construction software.

Benefits of iCON build Intelligent Workflow

Increase performance and productivity on site with an innovative software design, smart digital workflows and an easy-to-understand interface. Layout more points per day and verify as-built data against design models to speed up project progress and minimise rework and future clash issues.

Easy-to-use interface

Simple to use and easy to master, iCON build enables field crews to put design data to work with a wide range of supported sensors. Using the same, interchangeable user interface results in less training, increased motivation and keeping your investment to a minimum.

Exceptional layout functionality

The smart workflows and unmatched graphical support of iCON build allows you to carry out specific tasks on site in an easier way. Connecting to construction cloud services means that field crews always have access to the most reliable design data and models. Laying out on site becomes a simplified process, while millimetre accurate field data and reports can be delivered seamlessly back to design teams for quick decision making and project progress tracking.

Simplify daily tasks
Manual Total Stations – iCB50 and iCB70

Simplify the move from tapes and strings to digital construction. The iCON manual total stations are equipped with iCON build field software package to enable all relevant layout and as-built tasks to be carried out easily and efficiently, even for complex designs.

Want even more?
iCT30 Layout Tool

Increase efficiency and accuracy with the iCON iCT30; the motorised construction layout tool that enables one-person operation. With designs increasing in complexity for construction projects, the iCT30 delivers fast and accurate results, avoiding the risk of costly mistakes.

Robotic Total Stations - iCR70 and iCR80

The iCON robotic total stations tie neatly into established building construction workflows and rapidly speed up installation preparation and construction tasks. Focus on laying out more points per day with minimal interruptions. When interruptions do occur, users can continue to layout quickly thanks to the automatic prism re-lock using industry leading technology.


Leica iCON build has you covered no matter where in the building construction process you work. With smart digital workflows for site preparation, structures (concrete, wood, steel), MEP & HVAC, interiors and exteriors, field crews can layout with speed, performance and accuracy, improving quality, reducing errors and improving construction execution.

Real-Time In-Field Verification

Fast, accurate verification in building construction is a top concern for our customers. The iCON field verification app allows contractors to extend their possibilities through the use of multiple integrated sensors, allowing for easier, more complete and real-time verification on site. Out of tolerance areas are immediately available for layout, for quick decision making and corrective measures to reduce unnecessary rework and costs at later stages of the project.


Fast collection of as-built data from iCON total station measurements and Leica MS60 MultiStation scan data exactly when you need it. Simple automated workflows enable data capture for all surface types such as pre and post pour of concrete slabs, structures and MEP installations.


Quick real-time calculation of the captured data against design is displayed immediately within the iCON build software highlighting areas out of tolerance for immediate correction in the field.


Highlight out of tolerance areas immediately after verification for in-field corrective measures using the calculated contour lines and points. Final results can be sent back to design teams and project managers along with a PDF verification report for project progress tracking and design updates.

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Solution Components

Works with all iCON products

The ability to exchange hardware between various construction sites, projects and site personnel maximises your flexibility and reduces downtime. You can use:

Maintain design reliability with Construction Cloud connectivity.

A cloud connection between iCON field and industry’s most trusted management software providers allows all connected parties to communicate and document most up-to-date information. Project managers in the office can now track progress of as-built and layout tasks based on true millimetre accurate field data within minutes!
Lean more about office connectivity here!

Customer Support

Whether you have a big team or a small one, whether your employees have experience or they are new, no matter if you have complex projects or you simply want to optimise daily basic tasks, we stand behind you with a well established and trained support network to make sure you make the most out of your investment to Leica Geosystems solutions. Many things might keep our customers awake at night but, at Leica Geosystems, we ensure that their equipment is not one of them.

Customer Support Coverage

272 service centres in 86 countries are operated by Leica Geosystems or certified local distribution partners whose technicians are trained by Leica Geosystems. All service centres are regularly controlled and re-certified, and operate with the same Leica Geosystems-designed professional tools and equipment.

Active Customer Care

With our experience in the field, we have built different support Service packages to meet the different needs of our customers. Main components include:

  • Maintenance, repairs and software updates
  • Online trainings
  • Support hotline
  • Customer specific training and consultation

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Bouygues Bâtiment Ile-de-France – BIM has arrived on site

Watch, how Bouygues Bâtiment Ile-de-France, a subsidiary of Bouygues Construction, was able to increase accuracy and efficiency in construction by applying digital layout solutions.

Watch, how Bouygues Bâtiment Ile-de-France, a subsidiary of Bouygues Construction, was able to increase accuracy and efficiency in construction by applying digital layout solutions.

iCON Field Software Simulator

Download your free iCON Field simulator
Download your free iCON Field simulator

Leica iCON build - How to layout object corners and edges with the Layout Objects app

iCON build flyer

Exceptional layout functionality with new Object Layout App.
Exceptional layout functionality with new Object Layout App.

iCON Verification Application

The iCON in-field verification allows easier and accurate real-time verification, without leaving the construction site.

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