Leica iCON build construction software

Construction tailored software for digital layout, as-built and verification tasks.

Leica iCON CC80 field controller with iCON build software with point layout and building construction project on the background.

Working in today’s digital building construction industry demands efficiency and quick decision making to stay on track and minimise rework. Leica iCON build construction software provides versatility and flexibility for field crews to conduct layout, as-built and verification tasks on projects. Improve speed, performance and accuracy with just one custom built construction software.

The Leica iCON build: The ultimate solution to enhance your building construction trade

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Discover the latest features and enhancements of iCON field software.

Leica iCON applications

Leica iCON build has you covered no matter where in the building construction process you work. The exceptional layout functionality, and smart digital workflows for site preparation, structures (concrete, wood, steel), MEP & HVAC, interiors and exteriors enable field crews to layout with speed, performance, and accuracy improving quality, reducing errors and improving construction execution.

Simple to use and easy to master, iCON build enables field crews to put design data to work with a wide range of supported sensors. Using the same, interchangeable user interface results in less training, increased motivation and keeping your investment to a minimum.

Layout more points per day and verify as-built data against design models to speed up project progress and minimise rework and future clash issues.

Building construction site where Leica iCON build solutions and applications are used, like layout, verification, as-built checks.

Maximise efficiency with intelligent workflows.

Intuitive Map Views

Work directly from 2D, 3D, and BIM design data with intelligent map controls, including Smart Zoom & Auto-Pan. Manage data and graphical contents of the map with Point Lists, File & Layer controls and clever viewing options. The intuitive icons, colour coded layout results and workflow wizards ensure secure decision making. The enhanced map functionality via Split Screen and 3D graphics provide a clear data representation.

In-field data preparation

Easily create points, lines, arcs, anchor bolts, and patterns within seconds. Create new or add missing elements from design data quickly and easily in order to update plans to reflect true situations, allowing for immediate response to changes on site when they happen.

Exceptional layout functionality

Simply and accurately layout points, lines and arcs from 2D, 3D and BIM File formats with optimised views and colour coded quality indicators and tolerance checks to ensure a fast and accurate layout every time.

Enhance workflows further with inbuilt smart workflows to auto-stake layout positions for hangers, inserts, and wall penetrations.


As-built and Checks

Capture points, lines or arcs in one step and store millimetre accurate 3D data for progress tracking and completion. Verify correct on-site placement of walls, formwork, columns, pipes, etc., for in-field decisions where all results are immediately visible within the map views.


Export accurate data based on true field results or application-based PDF reports for project progress tracking, documentation of existing conditions and necessary design updates.

The Leica iCON build field software is fully compatible with:


Leica iCON brochure

Brochure with all iCON build solutions for building construction.
Brochure with all iCON build solutions for building construction.

Leica iCON build poster

iCON build poster, explaining the main software applications.
iCON build poster, explaining the main software applications.

Leica iCON build software simulator

iCON build software simulator for learning and experiencing the user interface.
iCON build software simulator for learning and experiencing the user interface.