Environmental Monitoring

Adaptable solutions for detecting unexpected movements to optimise risk management

Leica Geosystems provides easy access to adaptable monitoring solutions that are tailored to your requirements.

Be it monitoring for provision of information to experts for early warning of natural hazards like landslides and seismic or volcanic activity, information to potentially predict failures or aftermath data for studies and better understanding, we have the right solution for you. With the ability to provide a full solution, all from one reliable vendor, we provide software that is developed to work seamlessly with in-house, high-end sensors, like total stations and GNSS, as well as other 3rd party geotechnical and environmental sensors, along with expert support and consultation. Monitor with real-time information and rely on reports generated automatically based on a customisable schedule. Special reports with inverse velocity, hazard and displacement maps, as well as velocity limit check provide additional insight into the acceleration of landmass, which increases the risk of failure.

“The quality of Leica Geosystems solutions is great, but the support for me is the biggest benefit. Due to the Active Customer Care support, we can quickly and efficiently handle any problems we encounter on site.”

Clemens Tierie,
Survey Manager for Strukton

Case Studies

Monitoring Mother Nature's Forces

The Messina region is considered one of Sicily’s areas most vulnerable to natural disasters.

Monitoring Pays Off

Thanks in part to Leica Geosystems’ Deformation Monitoring solution GeoMoS, local authorities were able to evacuate the valley’s industrial zone and to close the A2 highway...

Rock Solid

100,000 cubic meters of rock slid down a rocky scarp near a hydroelectric facility northeast of Campbell River, British Columbia, Canada.

The Great Ancona Landslide

The City Council decided to ensure the safety of the local population by designing and installing a complex integrated monitoring system to provide constant control of the...

Software Products

Leica GeoMoS

Flexible automatic deformation monitoring software solution.

Leica GeoMoS Now!

Analice y visualice datos de auscultación desde cualquier sitio.

Leica CrossCheck

Una herramienta de análisis GNSS multipropósito para QC y auscultación.

Leica GNSS Spider

Acceso simple, rendimiento de confianza

Leica GeoMoS Adjustment

Automatic adjustment and deformation analysis for monitoring.

InSAR Service

 Integrated use of satellite and ground-based SAR enables mining professionals to extend the concept of safety monitoring in space and time.

Hardware Products

Leica Nova TM50

La estación total de auscultación con gestión de imágenes más precisa y fiable

Leica GM30

Receptor de auscultación GNSS todo en uno.

Leica GMX910

Receptor GNSS con antena integrada para auscultación.

Leica M-Com

Primeras soluciones plug & play para auscultación.

Sensor de inclinación

Medición precisa del vector de inclinación y temperatura.

Leica ScanStation P50

El más rápido y seguro escáner láser 3D de largo alcance.

Leica Nova MS60

Un instrumento para todas sus tareas de topografía, que lleva la fusión de sensores al siguiente nivel.


Soluções de mapeamento para ARP da Leica Geosystems para informações geoespaciais precisas.


 RockSpot is an innovative radar system able to locate, track and alert on rockfalls, avalanches and debris flows in real time.


Safely ahead of slope instability by reliably measuring mine movements


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