Infinity Surveying Software - Adjustment

Easily combine and adjust data from multiple sensor sources for confident and reliable results.

Infinity provides tools for survey network adjustment using GNSS, total station, and level observations, enhancing result accuracy, improving data reliability, and ensuring deliverables meet quality standards. For large scale projects, 3D adjustments carried out on the ellipsoid using a true 3D mathematical model deliver geodetic confidence. Infinity also supports your smaller scale projects with easy options for 2D and 1D when working from grid data. No matter the project size, Infinity enhances your workflow and provides quality results you can deliver with confidence.

Data Preparation

Import and process all your field measurements and add your control points to prepare for network adjustment.

  • Import data from field campaigns and set confidence values for the sensor data source.
  • Process total station observation, GNSS baselines, and level lines
  • Add control points and define project constraints..

Pre-Checking the Data

Streamline the adjustment process with automatic computations and detect possible deficiencies in the surveying network before adjusting.

  • Define the adjustment settings and test criteria.
  • Run a pre-analysis to evaluate possible network weaknesses
  • Compute loops in 1D, 2D or 3D to check processed data and identify possible blunders or outliers.

Run Adjustment

Run inner-constrained adjustment to check the quality of the measurements and the network geometry. Use the control points to run a final fully constrained or weighted adjustment.

  • Adjust any data type including traverse.
  • Run both inner-constrained and constrained adjustments in 1D, 2D, or 3D.
  • Remove outliers and repeat the adjustment.
  • Add control points and run constrained adjustment, visualise and store results, and create final reports.

Infinity Adjustment Playlist

Watch the playlist below for a deep dive into the entire adjustment workflow.

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