Infinity Surveying Software - Features

Features tools for extracting data and creating high-quality CAD deliverables.

Use Infinity to build your optimized field to finish workflow and interact with variety of Survey CAD packages for your data deliverables. Infinity speeds your way to final deliverables with tools to prepare code tables for project use, enabling you to quickly style coded features and export high-quality CAD deliverables

Feature Coding

Infinity offers feature coding tools from preparation to processing that speed your overall workflow.

  • Easily build your own library of codes, transfer to field software, and use while collecting data.
  • Automatically apply to your field data symbols and style to your linework and visualise measurements with real-world representations.
  • Ensure data is always current when features are reprocessed thanks to automatic feature updates.

Create, edit, and finalise

Infinity offers a range of tools for creating, correcting, adjusting, and customising your features and feature coded data, always providing the overview to finalise your projects.

  • Import blocks and layers, and line styles to assign to codes, and use code attributes to scale blocks.
  • Correct all coding mistakes from the field or apply new codes.
  • Clean up imported or create new features using the project code table.
  • View blocks and layers in a project already drawing like you are in CAD.

Customise high-quality CAD deliverables

Use code tables to customise your features and styles and deliver data to CAD software.

  • Use styles from CAD drawings by importing layers, line styles, and blocks.
  • Customise your codes, attributes, or styles for deliverables.
  • Build a code table once and save it to use again.
  • Easily export your styled data to CAD software packages.

Prepare for the field with CAD, BIM, and GIS data

Streamline your preparation for fieldwork with imported data from CAD, GIS, and BIM files.

  • Import, visualise, isolate and extract entities from CAD (.dxf), GIS (.shp), and BIM (IFC) data into your projects.
  • Use this data to prepare for fieldwork, including general stakeout, staking digital terrain models, feature verifications and more.

Infinity Feature Coding Playlist

Explore the playlist below to learn more about using Infinity’s feature coding tools in your survey workflow.

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