Infinity Surveying Software - Processing 

Sophisticated tools for combining and processing all your total station, GNSS, and level data.

Leica Infinity connects your start to finish surveying workflow, offering intuitive tools for planning, processing, and reporting. Prepare for the field and combine and process data from GNSS, total stations and other sensors, working with all your data together in one view. Continue your processing journey with tools to analyse, report, and export. With Infinity’s processing capabilities, you have the quality control and oversight you need to offer high value deliverables.


Leica Infinity makes processing from all your sensors easy and intuitive. Work with and combine sensor data to deliver results and benefit from tools supporting processing.

  • Create and work with comprehensive data sets imported from a wide range of data formats, including total station and level data, and RINEX data for GNSS sources.
  • Streamline your workflows with data transfer to Leica Captivate and Leica iCON or import from Leica Geosystems total stations, GNSS levels, and laser scanners.
  • View, analyse, and work with all your data in one view.
  • Easily reprocess and update your data including detailed processing reports.

Total Station Processing

Leica Infinity’s processing tools help easily manage your surveying workflow including planning, transferring data to the field, and importing field campaigns to analyse, calculate and report.

  • Plan all your field work including using background images to help make sure what you import will deliver the results you need.
  • Experience streamlined data transfer with Leica Geosystems sensors and import from a range of additional supported file formats.
  • Get the most from your total station data with step by step processing, including computing setups and sets of angles and building a traverse to provide adjusted results.
  • Generate and share reports throughout processing stages and share and archive your work.

GNSS Processing

Make the most of your GNSS campaigns using Leica Infinity tools to prepare for the field and then manage, process, analyse, and report on your GNSS data.

  • Plan your GNSS work including using the satellite availability tool to access constellation information for any location.
  • No matter the GNSS sensor source, Infinity supports standard antenna calibration sets to ensure data is accurate and precise.
  • Streamline work with integrated GNSS data download sources and choose to process step by step or using automatic processing.
  • Use Leica's state of the art processing engine that gets the most from multiconstellation, multifrequency data for static and kinematic campaigns.
  • Create detailed interactive analysis charts and processing reports.

Level Processing

Leica Infinity’s tools for level processing enable you to import, manage, and process and adjust all your level height data.

  • Add level data in your project from a variety of formats.
  • Edit, reduce and adjust level lines and loops to arrive at precise heights.
  • Use sets of level observations to create time analysis reports showing differences in heights.
  • Create processing and adjustment reports and archive data.

Infinity Processing Playlist

Explore Infinity’s Processing potential and use cases in the videos below:

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