Logotipo del software de captura de la realidad de Leica Geosystems para la etapa de análisis del flujo de trabajo

El análisis es la última etapa y la más crucial del flujo de trabajo de captura de la realidad. Es aquí donde los datos pasan de ser puntos e imágenes para convertirse en productos finales de realidad digital como planos CAD, modelos BIM o informes de planitud del suelo o de desviaciones, para que sus clientes comprendan sus proyectos y tomen decisiones basadas en los datos. Independientemente del sector, los requisitos, las necesidades de colaboración y los formatos de los productos finales, Leica Geosystems ofrece software de modelado 3D y análisis para facilitar sus proyectos. Genere sus productos finales directamente en un paquete de CAD específico con Leica CloudWorx o utilice nuestra solución integrada de modelado y análisis, Leica Cyclone 3DR. Disfrute de un paquete específico para el sector como Leica Map360 para investigaciones forenses y presentaciones en juzgados, o uno de nuestros muchos productos asociados.

Cyclone 3DR

Leica Cyclone 3DR is the all-in-one deliverable and analysis solution allowing sophisticated analyses of data inputted from any source to provide actionable information to users and their clients. Produce professional deliverables easily and rapidly with a combination of smart automation and machine learning that allows you to create meshes, models, DTMs, BIM inspections, volumetric reports, floor plans, classifications and much more. Advanced users can also leverage the scripting engine to automate their unique workflows.


Leica CloudWorx is unique among analysis products within the Leica Geosystems reality capture workflow and broadly in the industry, enabling users to open their reality capture data directly within the CAD package of their choice and use the full project data with a range of tools that leverage data intelligently to produce CAD plans and BIM models. CloudWorx is available for Autodesk and Bentley products, BricsCAD and SOLIDWORKS.


Leica TruView is free viewer enabling complete project sharing with stakeholders, making it indispensable in the reality capture workflow. In addition to accessing visualisations, users can collaborate through GeoTags and Snapshots with just an LGS file. When connected to Leica Cyclone ENTEPRISE, the web based TruView LIVE automatically syncs for instant viewing any added comments, models, GeoTags, and assets and streamlined stakeholder collaboration between TruView, CloudWorx, Cyclone 3DR and more. Users can even view their projects in immersive virtual reality (VR) experiences.


Leica Map360 is a crash and crime drawing software solution that lets users import, process, analyse, visualise, and create court ready deliverables. Map360 provides reconstructionists with multiple user interfaces for all skill levels and easy to use tools visually communicate scenes and critical evidence. Import scenes of any size into Map360 from a wide range of sensors, such as 3D laser scanners, total stations, and GNSS, to produce accurate 2D or 3D diagrams and animations. Map360 Pro is compatible with the reality capture suite of products, allowing reconstructionists to prepare drawings and 3D scenes directly from data captured on site.

Cyclone Model

Leica Cyclone MODEL is a powerful module providing a total solution for working with point clouds to create 2D and 3D deliverables. A versatile and complete tools set used by professionals in a vast array of industries and applications for civil, plant, architectural, BIM, forensics, heritage, and other types of projects.

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