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Step into our world of rotating lasers and work more efficiently on construction grading and levelling tasks. From simple slope to construction applications, our diverse range of rotating lasers and essential accessories are tailored to meet your needs. Explore the expert-led how-to-videos below to learn more about how our rotating lasers can improve your workflows.


Leica Rugby Rotating Lasers 

Leica Rugby 610

When you need a straightforward, get-right-to-work rotating laser, choose the Leica Rugby 610. Ideal for a range of construction tasks from concrete pouring to formwork levelling, performance and productivity align thanks to accuracy, durability, range, and ease of use.  


  • Get to work faster. One-button operation makes the Leica Rugby 610 a press and go solution with auto-levelling and a 360-degree beam. 

  • Work flexibly. Extend your operating range up to 600m with the Rod Eye 140 and Rod Eye 160 digital receivers. 

  • Durability and dependability. Built for the sites you work on, the dust proof and water-resistant Rugby 610 is also protected by rubber-moulded handles.


Watch the video to learn about the ideal applications and easy operation of the Rugby 610.


Leica Rugby 620

The Leica Rugby 620 shines in grading and single slope applications, including levelling for formwork, concrete, or landscaping. With slope grading in both axes, long-range operation, a durable build, and auto-levelling, the Rugby 620 rotating laser offers professional, precise performance


  • Slope work made simple. Add slope in x, y, or both axes with manual grade control up to 8% in a single axis. Auto-levelling continues when one axis is sloped, your accuracy and your work stay on track. 

  • Adjustable operating range. Adapt the Rugby 620 to your application by extending the range up to 600 metres with Rod Eye digital receivers. 

  • Rugged or rough sites. A duable build with proven water and dust protection makes the Rugby 620 a reliable partner across sites and conditions


Watch Clint Smith from Leica Geosystems explain additional use cases and show you how easy it is to adjust the axis slope. 

Leica Rugby 640

When you need a versatile rotating laser for indoor and outdoor work with horizontal and vertical grading capabilities, the Leica Rugby 640 is your go-to choice. From exterior grading to cabinetry installation, the Rugby 640 has a range of features to make your work easier, more precise, and efficient.


  • Flexible operation. Taking on a range of indoor and outdoor applications requires flexible features. The Rugby 640 offers remote control operation, adjustable beam rotations per secondfor the view that fits your application, and digital receivers enabling extended your range.

  • Easy, accurate layout. The Rugby 640’s Scan 90 feature makes layout easier with quick 90-degree beam adjustments in either direction. You can also automatically and accurately align over a reference point with automatic plumb down direction and work conveniently with offsets thanks to digital read outs from the Rod Eye receivers.


Get to know the Rugby 640 and learn more about applications and benefits.

Leica Rugby 680

Bring high accuracy, precision and simple operation to all levelling and construction grading tasks with the semi-automatic Leica Rugby 680 dual grade rotating laser.

  • High accuracy at long distances. Pairing the Rugby 680 with the Leica Rod Eye digital receivers combines the rotating laser’s high accuracy with extended operating range, enabling your levelling and slope work.

  • Smart features. Set up and get to work faster thanks to the Rugby 680’s memory function, which automatically returns grade settings to the last used. Monitor site temperature changes to ensure accurate performance across the day with theSmart Slope function.

  • Dial-in, dual axis grade. With the Rugby 680, you are few button presses away from precision. Easily enter and adjust grades using the digital display and expand your application range with the option to set grades on both the x and y axes at the same time.


Watch now as product specialist Clint Smith dives deeper into the Rugby 680’s features and offers helpful application tips.


Leica Construction Tools Accessories

Leica Rod Eye 160 Digital

The Leica Laser Receiver is t he perfect partner to your Leica Rugby extending the operating range up to 600 meters.

  • Digital readout clarity. The laser receiver features a digital readout with large, clear numbers for easy visibility, ensuring accurate grade monitoring.

  • Capture functionality. Enabling measurement storage and display , the capture function allows users to conveniently recall height measurements whenever needed.

  • Anti-Strobe protection. Equipped with anti-strobe protection, the receiver detects and filters out strong strobe flashes on the job, ensuring reliable performance even in challenging lighting conditions.



Learn more from product expert Clint Smith about how to use the Leica laser receiver with your Leica Rugby rotating laser. 

Unboxing Construction Tools

Join Clint Smith for the unboxing experience of the Leica Rugby 640, accompanied by a showcase of compatible Leica Construction Tools Accessories.


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Leica Rugby Rotating Lasers

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