Film Scanner Support

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Film Scanner Support

Critical DSW components are exchanged allowing older DSW scanners to reach a higher production performance. Such parts include a new 29/50 megapixel camera, a latest generation LED illumination source, high precision friction free linear encoders, and additional fans improving temperature control. The host computer will also be replaced with a state-of the-art workstation. These combined enhancements deliver higher quality images and make the scanner reach very short scan times, making it the fastest scanner in its class.

DSW upgrade kit to newest DSW700V Model
Every DSW600 and DSW700 can be upgraded to latest DSW700V model including 50MP camera system and Ebox2 with new touch panel operation.

Performance improvements are guaranteed for all DSW600 and DSW700 legacy models. The components in these upgrade kits will minimise system specific variability in performance and push reliability to the highest level for the 700 model. Actual results are influenced by operator-selected optical pixel size, the choice of b/w or color output, workstation speed, stage maintenance and quality. Scan resolution can be set down to 3 microns with new DSW700V upgrades.

Here are typical scanning times for 9” (230 x 230 mm)

Scan type



B/W 12.5 μ 2000 DPI

50 sec.

40 sec.

Color 12.5 μ 2000 DPI

75 sec.

55 sec. 

B/W 7 μ 3600 DPI

90 sec.

55 sec.

Color 7 μ 3600 DPI

150 sec.

65 sec. 

Customer care packages for aerial film scanner

Leica Geosystems priority hardware support for the DSW700 and photo scanner
This contract ensures priority support coverage, providing preventive maintenance visits by qualified technician and availability of spare parts for contract customers only.

Top-level hardware field support
Protect your film scanner investment with an annually renewable Leica Geosystems Customer Care Package. Skilled Leica Geosystems field service technicians can keep your film scanner running in peak form, which increases your revenue-producing throughput.

Standard Customer Care Package features
  1. Planned routine maintenance inspections and full calibrations
  2. On-call remedial services as required due to equipment malfunctions
  3. Parts replacement as required, except for consumable or supply items

Prior to purchasing, an on-site technical inspection may be required to verify the condition of the scanner. Please discuss all options with your Leica Geosystems representative.



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