Reporter 74

May 2016

A Message from the President

With more than half of the world’s population now living in cities, construction is on the rise across the globe. From housing to commercial buildings to building service facilities supporting growing communities, the construction industry is on a significant upswing.

Today more and more developers rely on digital blueprints to construct tomorrow’s structures. Project Surveyors in Australia used Leica Geosystems 3D laser scanning technology to capture and model a major shopping centre for an international retail group, increasing the firm’s productivity by more than 50 percent. In Switzerland, Grunder Ingenieure AG employed Leica Geosystems mobile mapping solution Pegasus:Two to capture the entire infrastructure of the Gotthard Base Tunnel, one of the world’s longest traffic tunnels, conducting the as-built survey quicker, safer and more efficiently.

Reliable and safe transportation is important for a community’s sustainability. Strukton, as part of an international consortium, is constructing the first public transportation system in the capital city of Saudi Arabia with an array of our precision measurement solutions. Sefiani Enterprises in Morocco is using Leica Geosystems machine control system to provide a smooth ride on the country’s newest high-speed rail line, seeing savings of more than 15,000 Euros per day on the project.

On this construction journey, I’m glad we are able to support those who are shaping this onward surge of construction. Enjoy your read.

Juergen Dold
President, Hexagon Geosystems


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Reporter 74

No strings attached

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Reporter 74 - May 2016

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Download your own "Reporter 74" as a PDF file.