Discover Hands-On Training at HxGN LIVE 2017

Each year in the Geosystems Track at HxGN LIVE, the first day is dedicated to expert training sessions. Key leaders in product management, engineering,R&D and senior staff will be available to discuss current topics. This is a great opportunity to make your product wishes known.

Explore Geosystems Training Sessions

What can you expect in these hands-on sessions?

On 13 June, join any number of courses that will give you an in-depth look at:

  • Hardware performance
  • Workflows
  • Dataflows
  • CAD
  • Best practices

You can even earn Continuing Education Unit credit for some courses through a strategic partnership with the University of Arkansas.

Here are just a few of the many training sessions you can join:

  • Leica ScanStation P30/40 Operation and Surveying workflows
  • The all new Leica ScanStations P30 and P40 boast some of the cleanest data on the market as well as improved surveying functionality. The ability to use the Leica ScanStation P30/40 (and C10 and P20) like a total station is one of its greatest benefits to surveying and laser scanning professionals. This hands-on session will include outdoor time using the scanner as well as discussing some of Cyclone’s traverse editing software.Topics will include:

    • Using ScanStation P30/40 with the latest version of ScanStation Pxx firmware
    • Recommendations for fixing traverse errors
    • Optimising field productivity while maintaining high project accuracy with tilt on/off
    • Working with the latest version of ScanStation Pxx firmware with advanced traverse tools
  • Intermediate Registration Techniques
  • While Visual Registration and Auto Align have changed the way some Leica Cyclone users approach registration, the new improved Grouping functionality remains a highly valuable, unsung hero. Furthermore, the registration of point clouds is often where a project can become unexpectedly problematic. Today, many point cloud registration techniques and tools are available to the professional, both via Leica Geosystems scanners and a choice of field workflows and in the office where Cyclone REGISTER is considered the industry’s gold standard. This hands-on session will explore some of those registration techniques at an intermediate level.Topics will include:

    • Trouble-shooting tips when initial registration results are problematic
    • When and how to use cloud-to-cloud registration for optimal results
    • Tilt-compensation and how to use it for optimal results
    • Guidance for target types, location and network geometry for optimal results
    • Adding and removing constraints to analyse and diagnose potential problem sources
    • Understanding the Auto Align process
    • Performing Visual Registration
    • Using the 2D scan thumbnail to the fullest extent
    • Grouping
      • -Auto Align (Auto Registration) Groups
      • -Using SmartAlign
      • -Making Groups with targets
      • -Using Targets and Auto Align Cloud-to-Cloud in the same registration.
      • -Merging groups
      • -Inspecting a group for valid constraints
  • Topographic Field & Office Workflows for Laser Scanning
  • Using Leica Geosystems laser scanners is a solution for many of the challenges that professional surveyors face in today’s market. One key to the successful use of laser scanning is achieving efficiency in both the field and office. There are many time saving tools within Leica Geosystems scanners and the Cyclone and CloudWorx suite of software that can help to efficiently achieve the accurate results needed.Topics will include:

    • Efficient site and roadway topographic mapping and volumes
    • Recommended scanning resolution & scanner placement
    • Optimal office workflows using Cyclone, CloudWorx, and Cyclone II TOPO
    • Removing the potentially confusing and overwhelming aspects of viewing point clouds: segment point clouds or view “just what you want”
    • Using cross-sections and Virtual Surveyor for road topo
    • Using Smart Picks and Reference Plane in Topo II for site topo

    Learn from the experts

    In the hands-on sessions, you’ll be taught by Leica Geosystems experts with years of experience in the field.

    • Michael Harvey, Leica Geosystems HDS Product Applications Manager
    • MichaelHarvey

      Michael has over 15 years experience in the laser scanning field. As product manager for Leica Geosystems, Michael has created comprehensive training materials for the HDS laser scanning business, rolled out product launches for the NAFTA region, conducted numerous sales and dealer training events, researched and developed new workflows for the numerous markets that laser scanning serves, written numerous technical eZines, promoted the technology from a sales and support point of view, and guided the development of both the HDS hardware and software. But the most meaningful part of Michael’s work has been in helping individuals and teams learn the strategies and techniques that enable them to apply laser scanning in ways that lead to increased business success.

    • Matthew Mizell, Leica Geosystems HDS Technical Support and Training Specialist
    • MatthewMizell

      Matthew has been part of the HDS training team for just over 6 years. When he is not delivering training, he is a great help to the support staff where he tackles many of the tougher workflow related issues. He has been a major contributor to training material creation both for written material as well as video based content. Matthew has also been a part of the Leica HDS sales team where he oversaw a section of the Southeast United States where it was his duties to find, develop and nurture new customers to success with laser scanning.

    • Karen Hughes, Leica Geosystems HDS Technical Support and Training Specialist
    • KarenHughes

      As an HDS Trainer and Applications Specialist for Leica Geosystems, Karen has trained across all disciplines with a focus on Civil/Survey, Public Safety, Academia and Historic Preservation. She has helped develop the extensive training material, courses and presentations. With a background in Historic Building Preservation, Karen has 15 years in Laser Scanning and gained extensive field and post processing experience across North American and at international sites. Karen is dedicated to helping the HDS customers and community solve problems, develop new workflows and have successful project outcomes. Her attention to correct procedures in teaching laser scanning brings customers back asking for her as their trainer. In teaching as in scanning, the details are what matters. She is a valuable asset as she continually updates her knowledge and skills.

    • David Langley, Leica Geosystems Product Manager for Leica CloudWorx Modules
    • DavidLangley

      David has been with Leica Geosystems as an applications engineer, working in the software product development group for the past five and half years. He performs tasks such as product definition, product enhancement, R & D, and outbound marketing. David was a main contributor in the definition of CloudWorx for AutoCAD 5.0, CloudWorx for Revit, CloudWorx for Navisworks, JetStream Viewer, TruView Global, and was involved from idea stage all the way to delivery of the products. David has 15 years of experience in the Land Surveying and CAD industry, with the last 10 years focused on all aspects of 3D laser scanning. He has constructed two profitable and successful laser scanning departments from the ground up. David has also been involved in all divisions of field to finish, along with marketing, management, and business development. His education includes Ferris State University – Survey/Engineering and Eastern Michigan University – Computer Aided Drafting and Design.

    • Guy Cutting, Leica Geosystems Product Manager for Cyclone Modules
    • Guy Cutting

      Guy is an applications engineer at Leica Geosystems and has worked with laser scanning and Cyclone and CloudWorx software since its inception 17 years ago. He has been involved in hundreds of diverse projects in the process/plant, civil/survey, building and forensics fields. He is currently the product owner for Cyclone (including the auto and visual alignment routines) and CloudWorx software at Leica Geosystems’ HDS software headquarters in San Ramon, California, USA.

      Experience what hands-on training can do for you, and even earn CEU credits. We’ll see you at HxGN LIVE 2017.

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      Explore Geosystems Training Sessions

Case Studies

Découvrez comment les clients de partout dans le monde déploient des solutions Leica Geosystems pour leurs projets.
Découvrez comment les clients de partout dans le monde déploient des solutions Leica Geosystems pour leurs projets.

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Trouver votre contact Leica Geosystems pour un conseil de vente, une assistance technique ou une demande SAV.