Geoscents - fusing the best of both worlds

Chapter 4: A story starts to take shape

A story starts to take shape

Fable’s searches are digitally tracked and recorded in real time. Communication with the team on the island as well as back on the mainland at the museum is instant. Collected data is immediately sent back to the office for analysis, maps can be made, data stored and updated. The general public can not only follow Fabel’s progress, but also other finds of archaeologists on the project’s website. And Sophie easily knows where to send Fabel on his next search.

To date, Fable has found the locations of 24 skeletal remains with Zeno 20 strapped to his back. This workflow brings an enormous time and cost savings to the Kalmar Läns Museum with still so many remains to locate. Archaeologists can plan their valuable excavation time far more efficiently, knowing where the bodies are located before they start with their next dig.

Both Fredrik Gunnarsson and Nicholas Nilsson at the Kalmar Läns Museum agree, “It simplifies and improves our workflows, and certainly brings us enormous time-savings. We recently visited the neighbouring Jönköpings Museum and discussed the advantage of using the Zeno device. They asked for a demo and were so impressed, they also bought a device.”

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Story: Geoscents - fusing the best of both worlds
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Chapter 4: A story starts to take shape

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