Game on with laser scanning

Chapter 3: Proving GBL for training

Proving GBL for training

As a first of its kind in the regional market, the game has become a proving ground for power engineers for testing 3D gaming technologies and analysis of their potential for the staff training and preparation of maintenance and repair works. In the future, it can be also used for real-time visualisation of the substation`s actual state and staff location.

“Very much like a computer game and quite useful, this project will help power engineers better understand the potential for GBL,” said Anikushkin. “Our customer now has no need to buy any expensive CAD-like software to use the model, which is an important advantage of the project. Visualised either in a standalone tool or in a browser, the game is simple and intuitive and field engineers have no need to learn complex CAD systems and graphics editors.”

With the free movement across the 3D model of the substation in different modes, walk and fly through, overview with a fixed pivot and zoom support, the player can easily view and edit attributive information about the elements. This information can then be saved in a database. Screenshots in perspective view and in orthographic projection without perspective distortion (with the possibility of independent control of the front and back clipping planes) can also be saved. Finally, measuring the distance between any elements of the model, such as the automatic calculation and visualisation of the shortest distance between the movable object and the current-carrying wires, is also stored in a database for further use.

“The created model is intended primarily for supporting the safety of works,” said Andrey Buynov, head of the Production Assets Management Department of the electrical distribution company branch. “The game simplifies the planning of repair works. In particular, it enables evaluating the possibility of safe activity and the planning of location and movement of personnel and machines, taking into account the danger zones. It also helps to train technical service engineers for the correct execution of the process steps.”

As GBL and the 3D modelling of industrial objects becomes more popular in Russia and other parts of the world, more technical fields will turn to gaming for increased safety and efficiency on the worksite. With laser scanning, the game is on for providing detailed, accurate and realistic environments to support this training.

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Chapter 3: Proving GBL for training

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