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Two years of city mapping completed in only 5 weeks

PROJECT: City mapping in the cities of Alès and Gap, France
CUSTOMER: Cabinet Brière
PRODUCT: Leica Pegasus:Backpack, Leica Pegasus:Two, Leica Pegasus:MapFactory
OBJECTIVE: Create a digital map of the two towns, Alès and Gap, to analyse their infrastructure and improve the electricity network.

Cabinet Brière was tasked with digitising the cities Ales and Gap in France to compare the two cities’ historic and modern infrastructure. Électricité Réseau Distribution France (ERDF) was going to use the two towns as standards to better understand, operate and manage the country’s electricity distribution network.

Roads, building facades and road signs were just a few of the assets surveying firm Cabinet Brière needed to map in the towns of Alès and Gap to provide a 3D digital map of the communes in southern France. ERDF contracted the 58-year-old firm known for revolutionising working methods, both in the office and in the field, with new technologies.

Combining Leica Pegasus:Two with the Leica Pegasus:Backpack the entire city was mapped in only five weeks, a project that would have normally taken two years, increasing productivity by more than 20 times.

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In 2015, the French government instated the Plan Corps de Rue Simplifié (PCRS) as a means to share plans of infrastructure between communities. This sharing of information promotes public safety and opens dialogue between community leaders. To meet this requirement, ERDF needed a digital map of the entire cities of Alès and Gap to compare the two cities’ historic and more modern infrastructure assets.

Early adopters needed

Cabinet Brière President Philippe Jeudy was one of the first users of the Leica Pegasus:One, a mobile reality capture platform attached to a vehicle for 3D laser scanning of active environments. Jeudy and his partner, Guy Perazio of Perazio Engineering, first tested the Pegasus:One in 2012 and saw the opportunities in the mobile reality capture technology.

From pioneer to expert

By the time the duo responded to the ERDF’s solicitation for digitalising the two cities, Jeudy and Perazio were experts in mobile mapping. With their even more versatile Pegasus:Two and the new Pegasus:Backpack, the team was able to capture more data quicker than ever before.


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Enabling city digitisation wherever you can go

Mobile 3D solutions for city mapping enable the interpretation of the physical world in a digital environment.

Want to learn more about the city mapping project in Alès and Gap in France? Download the full case study.

Leica Pegasus:Backpack

The wearable reality capture solution uses SLAM technology to deliver accurate indoors, outdoors and underground data for documentation and analysis.