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Machine Control

Simplified and connected solutions for increasing staff productivity on site and unifying design data for seamless workflows are essential to keep margin gains and generate profits. With the all-in-one machine control platform, Leica Geosystems delivers a unique, intelligent and intuitive hardware and software combination for the heavy construction industry.

Leica Geosystems’ solution for heavy construction applications offers a unified hardware platform with common software interface across our machine control portfolio. Interchangeable between several heavy construction machines, the Leica MCP80 control unit integrates into the common software platform, Leica MC1, while Leica ConX, the cloud-based and user-friendly productivity platform for increased project efficiency, rounds off Leica Geosystems’ goal to achieve a digitised construction site.

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Machine control applications in earthmoving comprise excavating, dozing, grading and many more. Get the job of moving, stripping, trenching, spreading and placing any kind of material on a heavy construction project faster, more...

Road construction

Hit the road with Leica Geosystems’ 3D machine control solutions with a complete workflow around road construction. From soil and asphalt compaction, curb and gutter application, concrete and asphalt paving, to milling existing roads.

Ground stabilisation

Building a stable base for any construction project is inevitable. Improve your drilling and piling jobs by adding Leica Geosystems’ 3D machine control solution into your workflow and benefit from increased profitability.

Snow management

Make snow management as efficient as possible by knowing the exact snow depth when processing snow volumes. Enable operators to respond to snow conditions immediately saves time, cost and adds safety to slope preparation.

New all-in-one machine control platform from Leica Geosystems

Leica Geosystems delivers an intelligent and intuitive hardware and software combination for the heavy construction industry – the new all-in-one machine control platform consisting of a panel, MCP80, and docking station combined with a new application software, MC1, supports multiple machines for heavy construction.


Leica MC1

3D machine control software for your construction site. Leica MC1 represents the one-for-all software platform to guide and automate all heavy construction machines by consolidating all machine applications.

Leica MCP80 & MDS

3D Machine Control panel and docking station. The Leica MCP80 machine control panel, together with the intelligent Leica MDS docking station, is the one-for-all machine control hardware solution for applications in heavy construction.

Case Studies

Building roads in Norway with machine control solutions

On the job site at Stathelle, excavators dig down to the rocky surface. Following the digitally defined drilling pattern, drill rigs are then used to drill holes into the rock for blasting.

Extension of the Liuzhou to Nanning Highway

The 193 kilometre highway between the two major cities will be reconstructed and extended from four lanes into eight lanes.

From Harbourscape to cityscape

3D machine control in use for the transformation of Aarhus inner harbour from industrial harbour to urban space.