Grandi Strutture


Millions rely on safe airports. With paving control solutions, runways are made to withstand extreme weight and enable smooth takeoffs and landings.


Precision is key in bridge construction. Our guiding solutions ensure both sides come together perfectly and the surface can handle extreme pressure.


Dam construction is a major engineering feat. Our many construction solutions ensure these barriers withstand the strongest water pressure.


With 64 million kilometres of roads worldwide, highways are critical to economic stability. We offer solutions from first measurement to last repaving.

Porti e canali

The constant buildup of sediment is a problem. Obtaining exact information about these deposits is critical for water infrastructure construction.


Modern rail networks need precisely aligned tracks. Our solutions ensure trains, trams and other rail-dependent vehicles enjoy smooth rides.


Tunnelling is a precise practice. When drilling through mountains or burrowing under seabed, reliable instrumentation and guiding solutions are a must.