Building the large documentary facility.

Bouygues Construction is involved in the project to build the “Grand Equipment Documentary”, a large documentary facility.

Embracing The No Strings Approach | Hanham & Philp Contractors

Hanham & Philp Contractors are proud of their rich history.

Bringing BIM4ALL

A BIM firm in the Netherlands brings added values to construction customers.

iCON Robotic Total Station and Build Software Convince with Ease of Use

Executing construction layout tasks much faster, simpler and more accurately in the United Kingdom

Beyond Reality. Digital Reality’s Next Frontier

Hexagon’s Geosystems Division President Juergen Dold presented ideas and case studies where the entire planet can be digitised at HxGN LIVE in Las Vegas, USA

All set for modern living design

Digitalising construction layout for luxury residential single- and multi-family houses in the United Kingdom

Leveraging visual documentation to avoid rework

How a construction pioneer remains ahead of its time using Multivista’s visual documentation service to capture construction milestones and regular progress in the United States

Affrontare Layout impegnativi

Australia, Semplificazione dell'architettura complessa con la stazione totale robotizzata

Progettazione con misure precise

Visualizzazione dei dati in modo più semplice con misurazioni 3D usando DISTO™ S910 in Austria

Il segreto non così sorprendente di gestire con successo una società di servizi topografici

Dopo un’attività di quasi 50 anni, la Titcomb Associates continua ad alzare il livello per quanto riguarda la fornitura di servizi topografici di qualità negli Stati Uniti.

Highway construction in Norway

Using the UAV from Leica Geosystems to monitor highway construction progress, Hawkeye AS is tracking costs of mass movements, documenting progress and keeping stakeholders up-to-date.

Scan 'till you drop

Renovating a shopping centre in Australia with the MultiStation.

Establishing positions with speed

Verifying construction in the USA with the iCON robot.

Expanding easily and accurately into the field of construction layout

Conducting building layouts in France with the iCON robot.

Monitoring of a construction site

By using Leica Geosystems UAV, it was possible to carry out a complete and accurate condition survey of the construction project every week without entering the site.

The mountain calls

Using the UAV from Leica Geosystems, IngenieurTeam GEO GmbH created the precise calculation and simulation of the actual holding capacity of a Swiss lake.

Digitising an urban construction site

Using the UAV from Leica Geosystems to monitor highway construction progress, IngenieurTeam GEO is obtaining the highest accuracy in surveying, preservation of evidence and monitoring.

Building a better future with measuring technology

Opening opportunities through vocational training, delivering drinking water and building better schools in Tanzania using Leica Geosystems’ construction tools

Contatti Leica Geosystems

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Trova il tuo referente per la vendita, supporto ed assistenza tecnica.