3DReshaper Point Cloud Processing Software

Versatile point cloud deliverable solution

3DReshaper is an easy-to-use and versatile software solution dedicated to processing any type of point cloud for a wide array of applications. From engineering to heritage, to surveying to manufacturing, 3DReshaper contains a complete toolbox to meet your 3D modelling and inspection needs.

Wide range of applications

3DReshaper is a versatile software solution which suits many industries including land surveying, Building Information Modelling (BIM), civil engineering, cultural heritage, mining and more. With its wide array of applications, 3DReshaper is a perfect solution for users seeking a downstream processing option for cleaning, segmenting and filtering, as well as 2D and 3D modelling and analysis tools for monitoring, as-built control and surface deviation.

Detailed deliverables

3DReshaper offers users a variety of deliverables to suit project and client needs. With options ranging from fly-through videos to ortho-image exports, or a CSV table, users have many options to deliver their data. The Report Editor provides ultimate flexibility for users to create 2D or 3D PDF deliverable for standard outputs such as water-tight models ready for printing, ground contour extraction, stockpile volume reports, longitudinal profile and much more.

Workflows dedicated to surveying

3DReshaper offers tools dedicated to the survey market’s needs.

  • Ground extractor: compute DTM from point clouds
  • Building extractor: easily create simple building models directly on a point cloud
  • Breakline extractor: automatically detect all breaklines on a mesh
  • Surface analysis: tools to control flatness, levelness and slope of a surface
  • Contour lines: quickly create contour lines on a mesh
  • Tunnel extractor: automatically clean a tunnel scan and remove all unwanted points
  • Cross sections: complete workflow for tunnel and road inspection
  • Stockpile projects: quick and easy workflow to compute and report stockpile volumes on point clouds
  • Tank analysis: find best cylinder and quickly inspect verticality, roundness or plumbness


3DReshaper delivers a seamless and interoperable workflows to boost productivity.

  • 3DReshaper handles most industry standard formats as well as Leica Geosystems’ universal digital reality file, the LGS file
  • The CloudWorx plugin from Leica Geosystems allows users to process point clouds and skip the import/export phase by connecting directly to Cyclone or JetStream
  • AutoCAD plugin enables rapid delivery of data between 3DReshaper and AutoCAD to eliminate import and export wait times
  • 3DReshaper allows users to import and export many file formats including: IGES/.STEP, .stl, .obj, .ply, .msh, .wrl, .vrml, .pts/.ptx, .las/.laz, .e57

3DReshaper Workflows

Learn more about the latest features and how to put them to use in your business.
Learn more about the latest features and how to put them to use in your business.