Leica Cyclone 3DR - All-in-one Deliverable Solution

Professional results in a fraction of the time

Leica Cyclone 3DR is a seamless extension of the Cyclone product family which works hand in hand to take users from field data collection with Cyclone FIELD 360 through registration in Cyclone REGISTER 360 and deliverable creation in Cyclone 3DR.

Cyclone 3DR fuses Leica JetStream technology for centralised, full-scale point cloud management with automated point cloud analysis and modelling into one simple workflow-based software with tailored tools for the surveying, construction and inspection fields. Where most software will focus on a single workflow to create a specialised deliverable, Cyclone 3DR includes a range of adaptable tools for inspection and meshing that can be leveraged to create an assortment of 3D deliverables and reports.

Based upon the simple design of the next-generation Cyclone family, Cyclone 3DR allows both new and experienced users to move from import through analysis and publishing intuitively and simply. By automating common tasks, customers can reduce unexpected project delays and quickly deliver actionable information to clients.

Key benefits:

  • Sensor agnostic projects powered by JetStream or industry-standard exchange formats
  • Fast, light and flexible meshing tools
  • Inspection and measurement for design-in-context
  • Domain-centric workflows for AEC, Survey and Tank Inspection
  • Advanced customisation through a rich scripting engine
  • Reporting that conforms to industry standards (e.g., Tank Inspection to API 650/653)
  • Robust QA operations
  • Full interoperability with common design formats, including IFC and Revit model files
  • Automatic feature extraction
  • Powerful scripting engine
  • DSM/DTM creation
  • Contour extraction and much more

Find and Share Scripts

Visit the Cyclone 3DR GitHub page to find and share scripts from Leica Geosystems and other users and share your own.

Ready to migrate from 3DReshaper to Cyclone 3DR?

Are you already a 3DReshaper user and under maintenance? Simply install Cyclone 3DR and use your current EID to benefit from its new features.

Users not under maintenance should migrate with purchase of new CCP to receive a new EID.

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What's new in Cyclone 3DR - Webinar

Register and watch the on-demand recording with our software specialists as they guide you through the ground-breaking efficiencies provided in the latest release of Cyclone 3DR, the 'all-in-one' deliverable solution.

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