Leica Captivate - Did you know...

Leica Captivate - Did you know...

As mentioned in the last article, Leica Captivate offers a wide range of apps and it's likely you've never heard of most of them!

Therefore, we have started a series of articles, each of which is introducing a Leica Captivate app. If you often set up your Total Station using the resection method, then today’s app is for you – it will really reduce the time you need to complete the resection….

 The Auto Setup app

As you know, in a resection you set up your Total Station over an unknown point and measure to two or more known target points. From these measurements the instrument will then calculate the coordinates of the setup position.

To use this setup method, you need to know and do the following

  • Know which targets are around the location you are working and which to use
  • Know the names of these targets in the control job (the point IDs)
  • Choose each point from the point list.
  • Aim at and measure the point
  • Repeat for subsequent target points

The Auto Setup app can automate a lot of these steps. Once the instrument is on the tripod and levelled, the app can be started. First, the job containing all needed control points needs to be selected.

Simply enter the name of the resection point being computed (and give this point a code if you like), the instrument height and the job where the target points are stored.

On entering the Measure Target 1 panel, the Total Station will start turning and searching for targets. Once it finds a target you can enter the target height and select the target type and then press F1 (Measure) to measure the point. The instrument will then turn again looking for the next target. Again, enter the target height and target type and press F1(Measure).

Once at least three points, which the app can match to control points, have been measured, a setup result is calculated and displayed. You can now view the Setup Results, check the quality, and view the setup points in the 3D viewer. F1(Set) will store and use this new setup. It is also possible to add more setup targets if needed.

The setup can be even faster if all setup targets have the same target height and target type, for instance when measuring to permanently installed prisms. In this case, the instrument can measure all targets automatically. It will do a 360° turn and measure all targets it finds. The ones matching control points in the selected control job will then be used to calculate the new Setup.

Once the new Setup Results are stored, the app is closed, and you can select any of the available Leica Captivate apps to start working.

This app can be downloaded from Leica myWorld and has a trial period, so please feel free to try it before buying. If you are interested in this app, please contact your local Leica representative.


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