Leica Captivate: Latest features

Learn how the latest Leica Captivate field software feature releases enable improved surveying workflows.

Discover the evolving power of Leica Captivate field surveying software, continuously updated with modern technology and tailored to meet our users' needs. Explore the latest enhancements introduced in our software releases, all available with an active Customer Care Package.

Leica Captivate version 8.50

Regional Configuration Tool: Allowing direct access to regionally important configuration objects and files

Leica Captivate v8.10 introduced support for the new cloud service, HxGN GeoCloud Drive, with v8.50, Captivate further harnesses the power of this service, delivering free online access to locally relevant content, through a new regional Configuration Tool.

Worldwide, Leica representatives publish a range of local content, including coordinate systems, style sheets, and sample data. The new tool facilitates users from any locale to select their country of interest, view the relevant regional content, and download according to need.

CAD and IFC snapping, Line switching in stake to line and measure to line, and a GNSS tilt indicator

1. Captivate v8.50 introduces a new selection option to increase the ease and efficiency of working with CAD and IFC files. The new features, 'snap to corner' and 'snap to arc center', enable direct interaction with specific points of interest of an object, to ensure that only the desired data is imported.

2. Captivate v8.50 also brings a new way to switch the line in use within the ‘stake to line’ and ‘measure to line’ apps. It is now possible to tap and hold on a desired line to easily switch lines on-the-fly, enhancing productivity by eliminating interruptions in the measurement process.

3. Captivate v8.30 introduced a tilt strength indicator to improve the ease of use of the Leica AP20, v8.50 extends this functionality into GNSS mode by adding a tilt strength indicator when working with a tilt enabled GNSS, such as the Leica GS18 T.

Leica Captivate version 8.30

Coding improvements: One-tap code and measure, code after measurement & storing of linework information

1. Captivate v8.30 introduces a "play button" in our code boxes enabling touchscreen users to select a code and measure with a single tap.

2. The redesigned prompt before storing functionality empowers user by allowing them to check what is about to be stored and directly correct any mistakes or select a new code.

3. With Captivate v8.30, you can enable a point's code information to be automatically updated with the line ID and linework flag. This feature helps enrich the information contained in point list-based exports.

AP20 tilt strength indicator, improvements in Volume app and point filtering

1. Captivate v8.30 will improve AP20 use with an indicator that shows tilt initialisation strength. This makes it easier to maintain initialisation and learn which movements help gain initialisation quicker.

2. While remotely controlling your total station or MultiStation in the Setup app, you can now conduct setup measurements directly from the instrument, simplifying the process, particularly when manually aiming.

3. Volume app enhancements: Including easier surface definition and a new volume computation method between a surface and a DTM.

4. A new feature allows users to quickly identify if data is being filtered, with an icon on the job tile and in data management. Additionally, a hotkey, "Reset Filter", allows the filter to be reset to default.

5. Captivate v8.30 introduces a new system back-up option, providing peace of mind against potential setting changes by others or if a reset is needed.

Leica Captivate version 8.10

GeoCloud Drive Integration in Leica Captivate

Directly access GeoCloud Drive, the new Hexagon cloud storage and data transfer service, powered by HxDR, via Leica Captivate from the field. Conveniently download data, work on it, and effortlessly upload it to the cloud for instant access in the office. No need to take SD cards or flash drives into the office or upload data with different tools. Have the peace of mind that the office has all it needs before you leave the site.

Leica Captivate version 8.0

Enhanced job management, coding & linework, improved Windows PC & tablet usage and data transfer

1. From Leica Captivate v.8.0 onwards you can create sites and assign your jobs to them, allowing you to group and filter jobs for easier management.

2. Coding & Linework enhancements: Improved measuring of circles and rectangles directly while measuring points, easier access to linework options using the keyboard, and an increase in the number of attributes that can be stored with a code.

3. Windows PCs and tablet enhancements: Better utilisation of device cameras including control over photo quality, the ability to run Captivate in a reduced window alongside other software, and Captivate now runs as a 64-bit application to deliver improved performance.

4. Captivate v8.0 empowers you to share your CAD exports, data files, and QA reports with anyone, directly from your Captivate device thanks to the new data transfer option “send to mail”.

Improved Measurement Storage, Tilted Measurements Integration, and Enhanced RTK Performance

1. With Leica Captivate v8.0, storing continuous distance measurements is now more convenient. "Store" has been moved to F1 and mapped to the OK button of the keyboard, making it easier to locate, especially when using tilt functionality.

2. Captivate version 8.0 introduces the integration of AP20 tilted measurements into the Multiple Backsight and Resection setup methods, expanding the application of tilted measurements into the setup app.

3. The RTK performance over short baselines has been significantly enhanced in Leica Captivate v8.00, resulting in higher availability compared to v7.50, especially in challenging environments and ionospheric conditions.

Leica Captivate version 7.51

New features for IFC files

1. Directly attach multiple IFC files of the same area to one job with Leica Captivate v.7.51 - no more preparation step in the desktop software to merge the data.

2. Captivate v.7.51 supports property sets and properties of IFC objects, allowing you to better understand data, make informed decisions, and avoid errors or additional clarification loops.

3. Save manual steps by easily enriching the IFC models in the field. Captivate v.7.51 allows you to define codes that link the measurements to the original IFC data.

4. Captivate v.7.51 empowers you to define how you would like to code the stake results. The field software can copy the code and attributes from the design object or use our normal Captivate code in functionality.

New features for the Leica AP20 AutoPole, MS60 MultiStation and GNSS

1. Quickly switch the direction that the AP20 AutoPole tilt is applied, either towards the pole tip or prism, with a new hot key featured in Captivate v7.51 featured.

2. From Captivate v.7.51 onwards, you can also use the error-reducing AutoPole height function with a pole extension. Simply tell the field software that you are using the extension and it will automatically be applied when reading the pole heights.

3. Checking tunnel profiles is easier with Captivate v.751 thanks to the addition of the MS60 MultiStation band scan method in the tunnelling app.

4. Everyone working under a canopy or near buildings will be pleased to hear that the improved GNSS positioning algorithms allow a higher RTK availability of up to 30%, including higher positioning accuracy and reliability.


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Learn more about the Leica Captivate app collection and benefit from how-to resources.

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