Mastering big data in mines

Chapter 3: Real-time information for better decision making

Real-time information for better decision making

Now CDM has designated maintenance dispatchers equipped with the proper notification systems, preventing maintenance issues from draining time and resources. Operators needing support or experiencing problems with equipment can speak directly with maintenance or text messages from the system, thus reducing radio frequency demands.

The primary crusher is now monitored in real time. Any delay generates an immediate alert, avoiding the need for phone calls or radios, which can sometimes be unreliable. Individual dumps in the crusher, waste, leach pads, and stockpiles are monitored and reported on. With multiple destinations, every truck is unloading exactly where and when it needs to be.

“Prior to partnering with Hexagon Mining, it had been extremely difficult for us to achieve precision in our extraction, given the size of our equipment,” said Rodriguez. “Since the implementation, significant improvements have been achieved in our ore control, as can be seen in our current production increases.

“The solution provides reliable and flexible and automatic reporting, for production, productivity, availability, drilling information, and many other aspects of the mine operation,” concludes Rodriguez.

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Story: Mastering big data in mines
Chapter 1: Three challenges to overcome
Chapter 2: Hexagon mining solution selected
Chapter 3: Real-time information for better decision making

Reporter 74 - May 2016

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