Scan till you drop

Scan till you drop

Author: Monica Miller Rodgers, May 2016 

When an international retail group approached the Australian surveying firm, Project Surveyors, about creating a survey-accurate architectural and structural Revit model for the country’s second largest shopping centre, the firm was excited to participate. When the deadline was set for only 90 days later, Project Surveyors knew while future centre customers may shop till they dropped, the firm’s seven qualified laser scanning surveyors would be doing the same with 3D laser scanning.

The Sydney shopping centre is currently undergoing redevelopment, and the client needed a fullyparametric Revit Building Information Modelling (BIM) model for architects, engineers and facility managers to accurately plan the work needed. Covering a space of 375,000 square metres with various dimensional obstacles, such as cascading floors, topographic level changes and add-on buildings of diverse sizes, Project Surveyors faced one of its most complex jobs in its 43-year history.

“The enormity and complicated aspects to the building meant that our surveyors had to be meticulous when documenting scan positions and on field notes to assist in the registration of scans,” said Andy Jackson, Project Surveyors’ BIM Spatial manager. “With our Leica Geosystems instruments and software, we could ensure this.”

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Story: Scan till you drop
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Chapter 2: Scanning, modelling with confidence
Chapter 3: Lessons learned from HxGN Live
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