Scan till you drop

Chapter 4: A prime example

Scan till you drop

A prime example

Another aspect of the Sydney shopping centre project is the innovative use of HDS in BIM. Through the use of a variety of HDS techniques in the field and in the office, Project Surveyors was able to organise and collaborate building information across an accessible platform.

“Using laser scanning in BIM helps us to have a complete understanding of what’s already there, what needs to be done, and how well the building process took place,” said Jackson. “Using laser scanning in BIM allows us to provide value-added deliverables to our clients.”

This project is an ideal demonstration of making the real digital world. As HDS captures the most current and accurate situation, professionals can then implement that data into software programs, such as Leica Cyclone or Autodesk Recap, to produce the realistic workable models. Exact adaptions can then be made so that when work is carried out on site, intelligent information is clear and error-free.

“The technology of HDS provides the tools and workflows needed to accurately and definitively capture digital assets in minutes” said Faheem Khan, vice president, business development manager for Leica Geosystems HDS. “Being able to capture, manage and deliver information and knowledge to all stakeholders underpins our strategy to provide the fastest, cleanest and most reliable hardware as well as a software portfolio that scales for all project sizes, disciplines and users.”

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