Meet the pros behind HxGN LIVE Geosystems Surveying and Infrastructure sub-track

Planning an event like HxGN LIVE is no easy feat. There are speakers to schedule, trainings to plan, space to set up, and the list goes on.

When it comes to the details, though, the Geosystems Surveying & Infrastructure sub-track is in good hands. Two Leica Geosystems professionals are well underway in developing this year’s sub-track that covers the spectrum of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Building Information Modeling (BIM).

Presenting the pros

We sat down with these masterminds for a behind-the-scenes look at what attendees registering in the Surveying & Infrastructure sub-track could expect, and here’s the inside scoop.

Bettina Dense, senior applications engineer with the Geomatics Division, has been with the company for 14 years. For this year’s international conference and exhibition, she is responsible for coordinating the sub-track speakers. In her first year as a sub-track owner, Dense said she is “very excited about all the great speakers we have coming. Registrants in the Surveying & Infrastructure sub-track are in for some wonderful professional development opportunities.”

Bettina Dense, senior application engineer with the Geomatics Division, is in charge of coordinating speakers for this year’s HxGN LIVE Geosystems Surveying & Infrastructure sub-track.

Craig Hill , vice-president of marketing and services with the Geomatics Division, is celebrating his 20th year with Leica Geosystems. In his third year as Surveying & Infrastructure sub-track owner, Hill is in charge of securing and scheduling speakers. “I’m expecting this year’s conference to be the best yet,” said Hill. “With the caliber of speakers Bettina (Dense) and I are bringing in, attendees are going to walk away with actionable items that can put directly to work for their businesses and see results.”

1) What is the Surveying & Infrastructure sub-track about?

This sub-track is the ultimate showcase. With a collection of presentations using Leica Geosystems solutions, it’s going to help you become an even better professional in the geospatial industry, including:
– monitoring;
– Building Information Modelling (BIM);
– tunnelling;
– Geographic Information Systems (GIS); and
– as-built surveys, volume calculation and clash-detection using the Leica MultiStation

2) What is the key takeaway for participants?

The opportunity to network with leading industry experts, academic professionals and experienced products managers that teach you the solutions to solve your most difficult challenges.

3) Who should sign up for the Surveying & Infrastructure sub-track and why?

Anyone from the geospatial industry who is open to experiencing new and innovative solutions. With the offered presentations and training in this sub-track, geospatial professionals across a wide array of fields will network and learn from top industry thought leaders.

4) How will this sub-track prepare professionals for the ever-evolving work environment?

Geospatial professionals are constantly faced with ever changing circumstances. Changing economic conditions, legal regulations, the emergence of new technologies and increasing competitive pressure affect the working environment. Adapting to these changes makes the geospatial profession so exciting – and what makes those who manage this achievement successful.

5) What one word best describes this sub-track? Please explain.

Captivating! The broad variety of presentations from experts from all around the world will be so captivating that you’ll be surprised that the week passes by so quickly.

6) Any last comments?

Don’t miss out! This sub-track is sure to be a crowdpleaser and you’ll want to be in on the latest insights and updates in the industry.

For more information about the Surveying & Infrastructure sub-track, contact Bettina Dense at

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Leia como nossos clientes de todo o mundo estão colocando diversas soluções em ação para moldar a mudança inteligente.
Leia como nossos clientes de todo o mundo estão colocando diversas soluções em ação para moldar a mudança inteligente.

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