Introducing the new Leica ScanStation P50 long range 3D laser scanner

Peter Glueck talks about the industry-leading laser scanner product portfolio’s newest addition.


What is the product?
The Leica ScanStation P50 is the newest premium member of the ScanStation P-series family of 3D terrestrial laser scanners. It adds long range scanning of more than 1 kilometre to the well-known features of the P-series such as high speed, excellent data quality, HDR imaging, Check&Adjust, ease-of-use and ruggedness.

Who is the product for?
The ScanStation P50 is made for reality capture professionals who require extended range for their scanning jobs. This can be new users with a need for long range scanning, or existing users of a ScanStation P40/P30, who want to upgrade to the P50 in order to expand their business opportunities.

Where can the product be used?
The ScanStation P50 can be used in all sorts of indoor and outdoor laser scanning projects where high data quality is a must, but with a focus on longer distances to be covered. This ranges from capturing tall buildings and large infrastructure objects such as skyscrapers, dams and bridges, to the 3D documentation of big pit mines. Unreachable sites like hillside slides can also be scanned from a remote and safe position.

Why did you develop the product?
Based on market feedback and user input, users of the ScanStation P-series asked for increased range.

When will the product be available?
The ScanStation P50 will be available by the end of November 2017 and shipments will begin at this time.

How is the product used?
The use of the ScanStation P50 is really easy. It comes with a user-friendly touch screen interface and can be controlled remotely by handheld devices. The ScanStation P50 is fully embedded in the Leica Geosystems High-Definition Surveying (HDS) workflow. Data can be processed in the Leica Geosystems 3D point cloud software suite. For example, data can be registered in the new Leica Cyclone REGISTER 360 and then further processed with Leica Cloudworx plug-ins for CAD platforms or web-based Leica TruView.

Why should I invest in the product?
The ScanStation P50 offers the highest flexibility for all kinds of scanning projects opening new business opportunities thanks to its extended range. Long range also means less number of setups and reduced field time, hence, a quick return of investment is ensured.

Peter Glueck
Product Manager, Terrestrial Laser Scanning

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Which 3D laser scanner is right for you?
Which 3D laser scanner is right for you?

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