3D machine control compatibility option from Leica Geosystems now commercially available for Caterpillar NGH excavators

(Heerbrugg, Switzerland, 19 September, 2023) Leica Geosystems, part of Hexagon, today announced the commercial availability of the Leica MC1 3D machine control system with Caterpillar factory-installed NGH sensors. The first customers of this new compatibility option have already experienced the streamlined installation process of the Leica MC1 system into Caterpillar's existing Grade 2D Assist excavator system with the support of Leica Geosystems and Caterpillar dealers.

The enhanced interoperability between the Leica MC1 3D machine control solution and Caterpillar's NGH sensors offers various benefits for construction professionals and operators. Unlike traditional solutions that require sensor replacements, this technical solution allows the Leica MC1 software to work in harmony with the existing Cat Grade 2D Assist system without any additional hardware modifications. It results in a more seamless and simplified installation, minimising downtime.  


Cat Grade 2D Assist in combination with Leica MC1 3D


While the Cat Grade 2D Assist system excels in accurate grading and levelling in two dimensions (horizontal plane), the Leica MC1 3D machine control system extends this functionality into the vertical plane. With 3D machine control, operators can now create, cut, and verify designs not only horizontally but also at various depths and slopes. 


This capability ensures precise and efficient earthmoving and construction tasks, transforming grading and excavation. Complex grading tasks, such as shaping surfaces with varying slopes or creating intricate contours, can now be completed with unparalleled accuracy, reducing the need for costly rework.


Marcel Schleiss, owner of Schleiss AG in Switzerland, who has already benefited from this offer, shared his experience using the technology on the company’s latest earthwork project: "We have eagerly anticipated this new compatibility offer for some time. We are delighted to collaborate with top-notch suppliers of construction technology, as well as with the exceptionally supportive teams at both Leica Geosystems and the Cat dealer, Avesco."


"As an excavator operator, I've experienced first-hand how the combination of Cat Grade 2D Assist and Leica MC1 3D machine control empowers us to deliver superior results.” said Fabian Stadelmann, excavator operator at Schleiss AG. “It not only optimises our productivity but also minimises material waste, ultimately contributing to more cost-effective and successful construction projects." Leica Geosystems remain committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation and technology in the construction and earthmoving sector to increase interoperability, providing customers with cutting-edge solutions that enhance productivity, precision, and overall project success. 


The Leica MC1 3D machine control system is available now through authorised Leica Geosystems dealers. Customers can inquire about minimum compatibility requirements for 3D machine control solutions for Caterpillar Next Gen 2D excavators at their local Cat dealer. 


Additional information on the Leica MC1 3D machine control solution and Cat NGH compatibility is available here

Leica Geosystems – when it has to be right
Имеющая более чем 200-летнюю историю, Leica Geosystems, подразделение компании Hexagon, является надежным поставщиком высококачественных датчиков, программного обеспечения и услуг. Ежедневно предоставляя продукты и услуги профессионалам в области геодезии, строительства, инфраструктуры, горнодобывающей промышленности, картографии и других отраслей, требующих геопространственных данных, Leica Geosystems является лидером в данной сфере, предлагая инновационные решения для создания автономного будущего.

Группа компаний Hexagon — мировой лидер по производству приборов, программного обеспечения и автономных решений. Наши решения позволяют использовать данные для повышения эффективности, производительности и качества работы в таких областях, как промышленность, производство, инфраструктура, безопасность и мобильные технологии.

Наши технологии повышают автономность и интеграцию городской и производственной экосистем, формируя масштабируемое и устойчивое будущее.

Подразделение Hexagon Geosystems предоставляет обширный портфель цифровых решений, позволяющих записывать, измерять и визуализировать физический мир и обеспечивающих преобразования на основе данных в промышленных экосистемах.

В группе компаний Hexagon (код NASDAQ на Стокгольмской фондовой бирже: HEXA B) работают около 24,000 сотрудников в 50 странах, а чистый объем продаж компании составляет около 5.2 млрд евро. Дополнительная информация на сайте hexagon.com, следите за нашими новостями в социальных сетях @HexagonAB.

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