Have you calibrated your P-series ScanStation lately

Have you ever been asked to prove your laser scanner is working within specs or to document that you fulfill the standards of ISO9001 quality management for regular checking of your measuring device? Did you know that there is an increasing demand of companies and contractors requesting that the surveying equipment used has a calibration certificate?

Quality management and ISO9001 certification play an increasingly important role in the 3D reality capturing industry. Proving that your scanner is within specs is crucial to assure that the services that you provide deliver the right standards and accuracy.

Leica Geosystems has a long tradition offering a variety of calibration certificates for total stations, digital levels, GNSS sensors and controllers at different levels. Our Calibration Certificates confirm the accuracy of the surveying equipment to offer the highest level of confidence for surveying equipment. Since Dec 15th 2016 Bronze and Silver Certificates are also available for ScanStation P-series laser scanners. Previous to that date all laser scanners came with a Blue Certificate confirming that the individual product was inspected and that the specifications where met at the time of inspection.

scan startion1

ScanStation P-series calibration rig, including climate chamber

Availability of Calibration Certificates Bronze

A Bronze Certificate can be ordered as a stand-alone certificate and is available for P20/P30/P40 laser scanners in the EMEA region (Europe/Middle East/Africa) at Leica Geosystems Authorized Service Center in Cologne, Germany. A Bronze Certificate is based on the “Procedure for standardized verification of terrestrial laser scanners” from the German Association of Surveying (DVW) and Leica Geosystems’ HDS Check & Adjust field procedure.

During the inspection, a trained Leica Geosystems service technician will run a field procedure which provides a combined check of angular and distance deviations. As a result the customer receives a certificate which confirms that the instrument has been tested and that test results are within or outside of the product specifications.

Availability of Calibration Certificates Silve

Silver Certificates are available for ScanStation P16/30/40 and are free-of-charge with every new scanner ordered after December 15th 2016. A Silver Certificate can be ordered as an additional service for scanners that return for periodic re-calibration or any maintenance to Leica HDS Service centers in Atlanta, USA or Heerbrugg, Switzerland.

A Silver Certificate proofs that the instrument has been tested and test results show if the laser scanner meets the product specifications or not. Under laboratory conditions angular and distance uncertainty, as well as distance scale factor, are checked separately.

Good reasons to get a calibration certificate:

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  • To proof your scanner works within the published specifications
  • To fulfill ISO requirements
  • To expand your customer base to ISO certified companies
  • To gain competitive advantage to service providers who cannot provide documents for quality control

To learn more about the DVW field check procedure visit: http://www.dvw.de/merkblatt (German only).

For more information contact your local Leica Geosystems sales representative or visit our Website.

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