Leica iCON aps 200 series

Delivering performance

Leica iCON aps 200 / iCA202 GNSS machine receiver

The Leica iCA202 is the ultimate GNSS machine receiver, providing high productivity for your machine control operations. In combination with the CGA100 GNSS antenna, earthmoving, road construction and other heavy construction machines can benefit from machine automation possibilities built upon the features of this powerful GNSS machine receiver.

Multiple concurrent baselines

In more challenging construction sites, the Leica iCA202 maintains high performance as the primary antenna is swapped automatically in case of obstacles. This increases uptime as the receiver ensures a continuous GNSS signal availability.

Web User Interface

The intuitive web interface allows an easy access to the Leica iCA202 receiver and is highly convenient when the hardware is mounted in areas that are not easily accessible. Setting up, configuring and updating can be simply done by a computer, tablet or even a mobile phone.

100 Hz update rate

For more demanding machine control applications, you can optionally increase the receiver update rate up 100 Hz, increasing the amount of positions per second. With the higher update rate, you make sure that you get as close as possible to the design data .

Leica iCA202 features

  • Web interface for convenient access for configuration and software updates 
  • Continuous GNSS signal availability, even when the primary antenna is blocked
  • Customers can easily change between 400MHz and 900MHz with the integrated dual frequency radio – no additional hardware required (for US/CAN only)
  • Powerful CPU
  • SmartLink Fill bridges RTK communication gaps up to 10 minutes, increasing machine uptime
  • Leica ConX provides remote access to the machine computer for fast, reliable data transfer and support

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