Leica Spider Business Center

The management solution for all GNSS network services

Leica SpiderWeb

An extension to Leica GNSS Spider, Leica Spider Business Center is the web server based, software component of Leica’s Spider software suite. While GNSS Spider performs core computing of the corrections, Spider Business Center acts as the main shopfront for your GNSS network with web portal access provided in various languages to both end users as well as operators and support engineers managing the network.


Spider Business Center combines all the elements you need to efficiently operate your infrastructure including, secure user and access management, network and rover status monitoring, while also providing end users with access to status information and post-processing services. It also provides authentication and authorisation infrastructure for all Spider Suite services which includes real-time services provided by Leica GNSS Spider and the post processing services provided by Spider X-pos Server.

Administration Portal

With the administration portal, operators and support engineers can easily manage user details as well as their varying levels of access using flexible subscription management. The portal also allows multiple users to work simultaneously, monitoring the status and usage of GNSS networks, managing service access, daily operations and the business from anywhere and at any time.

Design Paradigms

The web based interface of Leica’s Spider Web applications enables convenient and efficient access to information that is centrally located on one platform. The portal also boasts the highest security standards with the ability to trace any modifications made in the system through its audit log.

End User Portal

The intuitive end user portal ensures that users are able to independently find information they need including network statuses that are transparently shown and published, ultimately reducing the amount of support they require from the network owner. Authenticated and authorised users can also access data and services for post-processing.

Post Processing Services

Use RINEX Data Access Service for convenient download of GNSS data or benefit from a network solution in post-processing with the Virtual RINEX Service. Without the need for office software, promptly retrieve highly accurate coordinates with the Coordinate Computation Service and through the Coordinate Transformation Service, easily obtain local datum coordinates even without technical expertise.

Spider Business Center

Visit our demo portal for Spider Business Center
Visit our demo portal for Spider Business Center

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