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Value added Web Services for GNSS Networks

Leica SpiderWeb

Leica Spider Web Applications comprises two software applications within the Spider software suite:

  • Leica Spider Business Center
  • Leica SpiderWeb

Leica Spider Business Center
Software for powerful and secure access management to all services.

The Spider Business Center provides secure authentication and authorization infrastructure for all Spider Suite services – real time and post processing – helping you managing your business.

Innovative GNSS Service Web Portal
The Spider Business Center web portal is the integrated secure solution for online subscription and management of all GNSS network services. It smoothly integrates GNSS Spider and SpiderWeb services and allows you to complement them with your own value adding benefits.

The Spider Business Center provides you and your clients with tools to view, register and manage real time and post-processing services. It is designed to monitor service usage, to enable exchange of data, to view online network and rover status and assist with support & accounting. It reduces the time required for administration, thus lowering your operational and maintenance costs. With using the Spider Business Center you can fully focus on growing your business and achieve the best return on your investment (ROI).

Compose unique Packages

Tailor your individual service offerings into unique value added packages that best match your capabilities, business model and local market needs.

  • Use all GNSS Spider & SpiderWeb services
  • Add time or geographic attributes to be applied automatically by the authorization mechanisms
  • Complement packages with your own benefits
  • Authorize access to your own services

Capture the information that you need
Customer information, including access credentials and service usage information are valuable for your business. The customizable registration form allows you to capture the information from your clients that you require to operate and grow your business. With the Spider Business Center being an integral part of the whole solution, all this information is securely managed in one central location.

Secure & Adaptable
The Spider Business Center portal is based on the proven secure GNSS Spider proxy client-server technology and can be smoothly integrated into existing web portals.

Web services can be accessed publicly
All data and authentication services are securely operated inside your LAN

  • Web services can be accessed publicly
  • All data and authentication services are securely operated inside your LAN
  • A central database allows efficient and secure archiving of all your valuable business information
  • Flexibly integrate the Spider Business Center into your own website or integrate it with SpiderWeb

Your Benefits

One solution for all GNSS network services

  • Centralized, convenient and secure internet portal to access and manage your complete service portfolio
  • For network RTK, post processing and custom network services
  • Web based interface enables flexible access at anytime from anywhere for both end customers and system administrators
  • Full transparency for you and your clients regarding current subscriptions and their status

Leica SpiderWeb
Software for the convenient presentation of your GNSS network and data over the Internet.

SpiderWeb provides efficient and secure access to data for post processing. Value added services assist with the convenient distribution and use of GNSS data sets from individual stations or networks to users through standard web browser.

  • RINEX Jobs Service – for convenient download of GNSS data
  • Virtual RINEX Service – to benefit from a network solution in post-processing
  • Coordinate Computation Service – to quickly obtain highly accurate coordinates without the need for office software
  • Transformation Service – to easily obtain local datum coordinates without the need of expert knowledge

Value added services

RINEX Jobs Service
Provides convenient access to RINEX data by time interval, data rate and station(s) selection. Powerful job management functions assist with regular scheduled data requests for routine data processing applications.

Virtual RINEX Service
Based on GNSS Spider – SpiderNET advanced network processing, Virtual RINEX allows your clients to benefit from network corrections also in post-processing applications.

Coordinate Computation Service

The coordinate computation service delivers postprocessed and adjusted coordinates in WGS84 and local datum by email. The data uploaded by the user is processed relative to multiple manually or automatically selected reference stations. Integrated blunder detection and coordinate adjustment ensure best reliability.

Status and Quality Service

SpiderWeb smoothly integrates with SpiderQC to present data availability and quality. Web pages with traffic light status, reports and graphs for each site as well as SpiderQC real time NOVA (Network Online Visualisation of Accuracy) RTK network residual error maps can be shown.

Easy – Flexible – Reliable

  • Online registration and subscription to services
  • Integrated Google Maps™ for showing site locations
  • Automatic or map based “point & click” site selection
  • Easy localization of language and appearance
  • Transparent tracing of user activities for billing
  • Customizable content with different access levels allows to share pages with internal staff or registered users or anyone

Easy to use for Clients

  • Viewing of station meta data and graphical network map
  • Once the registration is accepted by the administrator, clients can access web application services according to their specific authorisation
  • Data download requests can be saved as repeating jobs
  • Data can be requested as necessary for specific needs by simply selecting the required time interval, data rate, file format and station(s)
  • Easy single and multiple station selection

    • Manual selection of individual station by name or graphically from a map
    • Automatic selection nearest to a given coordinate position, which is entered manually or selected in the map view
  • Requested data is extracted online from the data sources

Easy to use for Administrators

  • Fast  creation of new sites by importing site metadata from ASCII files
  • Easy customization using embedded functionality
  • Management of user accounts

Trace and Bill

  • Tracing of all users transactions and downloads
  • Clients can trace their own activities
  • SpiderWeb administrator can trace activities for all clients
  • All download transactions can be monitored

Adjusts to your style

  • Adapt the appearance of SpiderWeb according to your needs and company identity
  • Customize the layout, logos and colours, without the need for complicated web-page tools
  • Unlimited multiple languages can be selected online
  • Easy translation based on XML files

    (Leica SpiderWeb will be delivered in English, Chinese, French, Portuguese and Spanish. Other languages can be easily made by the client or local selling unit/dealer, as well as modifications to the provided languages.)

Reliable & Secure

  • Leica SpiderWeb uses Microsoft™ SQL database which can be located on separate computer, not visible to the Internet
  • Registration and authorisation managed through Spider Business Center
  • Secure HTTP (HTTPS) is supported

Case Studies

Read how customers from around the world are putting our diverse solutions into action to shape smart change.
Read how customers from around the world are putting our diverse solutions into action to shape smart change.

Spider Business Center

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Visit our demo portal for Spider Business Center


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