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Data management is critical to keeping your reality capture projects streamlined and secure. Leica Geosystems data management software enables up-to-date information delivery, robust and flexible security options, customisable access for collaboration, and powerful 3D visualisations for stakeholder review – all seamlessly integrated into your reality capture workflow from data import to analysis and deliverable creation to client delivery with an immersive viewing via Leica TruView LIVE. Mix and match based on your project needs, leveraging LGSx files or Leica Cyclone ENTERPRISE, an enterprise-level single source of truth deployed locally or in the cloud for collaboration around the world.


Leica Cyclone ENTERPRISE is a powerful data management platform supporting local or cloud deployment. Publish projects into Cyclone ENTERPRISE, set user access rights and storage locations, and stream projects into Leica Cyclone 3DR, Leica CloudWorx, TruView and other software to view, collaborate and produce deliverables and analyses. Cyclone ENTERPRISE preserves project points, images, GeoTags, assets, models, and more, enabling full data access from any connected software.


Leica Cyclone WORKFLOW is an optional add on that helps you take your office productivity and collaboration to the next level with automatic cleaning, anonymization, extra publishing formats, and support for models and VR in TruView.

LGSx Files

LGSx files are a complete project in a file, providing all the contents of a Cyclone ENTERPRISE project in an easily distributable package, perfect for users with smaller project demands. Compatible with the full range of reality capture software, including third-party applications, use LGSx files in Leica Cyclone REGISTER 360 PLUS, Cyclone ENTERPRISE, and all the Analyse solutions. In TruView, users can quickly view and add models, GeoTags, or assets to LGSx files and, to enhance project security, LGSx files can be password protected.

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