LISCAD Surveying & Engineering Software

Purpose made software for the surveyor and engineer


For convenience and flexibility, LISCAD is available in modular form so you only need the software necessary to fulfil your daily tasks. For surveyors and engineers alike, LISCAD helps make your work easier, faster and more efficient. 

Available modules include:

Input and Output - transfer data to and from total station, data logger, GPS and digital level field surveying devices, as well as software systems including:

  • AutoCAD DWG
  • MicroStation DGN
  • LandXML

Survey Live Field Surveying Software- real-time field surveying and stakeout using total stations and GNSS receivers. Designed for small format tablet computers, the graphical interface combines finger or stylus operation with CAD-type viewing controls. Clearly see your survey build as you go. Survey Live lets you have the power of your office software in the field as you can still access all your other LISCAD functionality. 

Point Cloud - import, view, edit and digitise point cloud data. View point clouds in 3D to create point and line objects. 

Computations (COGO) - Full geodetic coordinate geometry (COGO) computations based on a selected map projection can be performed using the Computations module to create, edit and examine points, lines, polygons, text and alignments.

Least Squares Adjustment - adjust field surveying measurements with a rigorous least squares solution. Adjust traverse or network frameworks for both horizontal and vertical control.

Transformations - transform between any projections, or compute least squares transformations from coordinate sets.

Digital Terrain Modelling (DTM) - formation is achieved using a geographically indexed data base to ensure fast and accurate formation of triangles on data sets of any size. Once a digital terrain model is formed, the contours can be instantaneously displayed at any interval.

Profiles and Design- create and edit long section and cross sections for CAD output and end area volumes. The Profiles and Design module incorporates an impressive new condition-based system for easy generation of virtually any civil engineering and road design.

Earthworks Volumes - compute an earthworks volume between surfaces, determine surface intersections, create height difference data sets and calculate progressive volumes between planes or irregular surfaces.

Background Images - import orthophotos, satellite images and maps that can be georeferenced to allow for correlation of raster images to vector geometry and for on-screen digitising.

3D Visualisation - a realistic 3D view of your project. Models can be coloured, textured or have background images draped over them. Individual triangles can be easily coloured or textured to give a realistic representation of the model.

Resource Editor - create or edit your own symbols, line styles and fonts for use in all the LISCAD modules.

CAD - application designed specifically for land surveyors and civil engineers to enhance the plan and map production process.


LISCAD processes surveying data from major surveying manufacturers.


Survey Pack
Computations and Input/Output - (Input/Output contains Field Transfer, Data Conversions and CAD output)

Contour Pack
Survey Pack and Modelling

Survey Premium Pack
Survey Pack, Adjustment and Transformation

Survey Civil Pack
Contour Pack and Volumes

Survey Civil Pro Pack
Survey Civil Pack and Profiles and Design

Survey Civil Pro Premium Pack
Survey Civil Pro Pack, Adjustment, Transformations, Background Images and 3D Visualisation


Educational institutes can obtain an education license to include all modules and run stand alone or a network with 10 or more users at a time.

Upgrades: Upgrades from any previous versions are possible

LISCAD is available in

  • English (UK and US)
  • Dutch
  • Finnish
  • French
  • German
  • Korean
  • Russian
  • Spanish

For more information on LISCAD, including technical details, or to download a free 14 days evaluation license, visit the LISCAD website

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