Leica iCON pave asphalt

Your complete solution for 3D asphalt paving

Leica PaveSmart 3D paving system

Experience the unique benefits of Leica iCON machine control solutions for your asphalt pavers. Get your asphalt paving job done faster, more efficiently and right the first time. Save time and costs by avoiding the dependency of string lines. Leica Geosystems offers 3D machine control solutions for any heavy construction application on your construction site. iCON pave makes the paving work for asphalt operator and contractor easier and at lower costs. Stringless asphalt paving increases consistency and quality of the surface.


  • Stringless paving to reduce costs and shorten project time
  • Many sensor combinations possible to suit every paving task
  • Track, view and sync via Leica ConX
  • Automatic leapfrog for continuous paving to increase quality
  • Support all main asphalt paver brands
  • High end version includes width and steering control


  • Asphalt paver ready to pave after reference upload
  • String line inaccuracy eliminated with consistent paving quality 24/7
  • Lower road maintenance costs due to accurate paved surface
  • Improved safety for workers on site due to removal of string lines

Leica iCON pave for asphalt paving

The new asphalt paving solution from Leica Geosystems allows you to precisely place cement treated base as a quality foundation layer for your pavement.

New all-in-one machine control platform from Leica Geosystems

Leica Geosystems delivers a new intelligent and intuitive hardware and software platform.

iCON pave with 1UP configuration for curb and gutter

Leica Geosystems offers iCON pave with 1UP configuration for curb and gutter machines.

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