Nicolette Beggache - Troubleshooting to support customers

Meet Nicky, a problem solver supporting customers with troubleshooting guru skills

Nicolette Beggache

Nicolette Beggache’s passion for customer support, skills, experience and, most importantly, a heart to serve, has been noticed and praised by customers, co-workers and media. Nicolette was chosen by xyHT Magazine for positioning and measuring professionals, as one of the 40 under 40 most remarkable geospatial professionals.

Nicolette, or Nicky as her colleagues call her, has worked her way up from an architectural CAD technician, assistant town planner, to an engineering CAD manager and is now a technical support engineer at Leica Geosystems based in the United Kingdom.

While working as a CAD manager for an engineering recruitment company, Nicky encountered the potential of reality capture solutions when she first attended to a Leica Geosystems High-Definition Surveying (HDS) roadshow.

“I could see the endless possibilities of how reality capture would speed up workflows and provide accurate data for the clients I was working before. I needed to learn the skills to improve our efficiency and convey this to surveyors. Customers were spending an endless amount of time on site capturing data, returning to site and doing post plots and quality checks. With laser scanning these visits would not be required and time could be saved. I wanted to be innovate and share the attributes of laser scanning,” said Beggache.

After this experience and being inspired by the sheer knowledge and enthusiasm of laser scanning specialists, Nicky decided to become an expert, rather than just another laser scanning user.

Today, Nicky is a problem solver supporting customers at the forefront of the company with troubleshooting guru skills. Described by one of her colleagues as ‘with the patience of a saint’, Nicky is one of the favourite go-to specialists for the toughest support cases.

“As a support specialist you must have empathy to understand what a customer is experiencing when they need your help. You need to ask the correct questions based on what your workflow would be and picture the possible human errors that could occur. If you have a passion for the industry, a willingness to learn constantly and motivation to help customers, technical support could easily be someone’s career choice,” explained Beggache.

In a world demanding digitalised solutions, the need for technical support specialists is clear. Nicky has found her passion assisting High Definition Surveying (HDS) customers to smoothly accomplish projects with quality service, courteous treatment and enthusiasm – a recipe for customer loyalty. Once they have worked out all hurdles with her help, companies can shape smart change in a wide range of industries.

“Geospatial technologies are one of the fastest growing industries with wonderful hardware and software developments. It is a cool way to be involved in advances that don’t just affect construction, but everything from transport, nature, cities to even industries that have not yet been developed. The possibilities are truly endless,” said Beggache.

Adding value beyond her duties, Nicky has become an advocate in social media spreading the benefits and endless applications of reality capture and geospatial technologies into cyberspace.

“Social media is an extremely powerful tool. 85 per cent of user choices are made by using social media as a research tool. When people re-share information, it creates a wonderful ripple effect. Ripples can eventually lead to waves and waves can shape even the hardest rocks over time. The most important thing is to get people talking, sharing and engaging with information that can shape the future,” concluded Beggache.

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We offer attractive jobs all over the world, contact us for further career information.
We offer attractive jobs all over the world, contact us for further career information.

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We want to speak to talented individuals with integrity who will help us deliver our ambitions across all locations.