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Helping to minimise product downtime

Leica Geosystems offers a wide range of technical services, all conducted by highly qualified technicians using professional tools. Several different levels of maintenance are available to choose from, depending on the product and usage.

Service costs and downtime can be significantly reduced through periodic preventative maintenance and you benefit from equipment that is always in optimal condition. The broad service offering includes:

Powerful and dense network of service
292 service centres in 98 countries are operated by Leica Geosystems or certified local distribution partners whose technicians are trained by Leica Geosystems. All service centres are regularly audited and re-certified and operate with the same Leica Geosystems-designed professional tools and equipment.

Technical support
Comprehensive technical support is only a quick phone call away. Your question will be promptly handled by a member of Leica Geosystems' highly trained and experienced technical support team. Contact us now through our sales and support network.

Maximise your investment

Discover what happens to your Leica Geosystems instrument when you hand it in for maintenance or calibration.

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