Nathanya Koehn - She's got talent

From Heerbrugg to the finals of America’s Got Talent – work-life balance insights from a passionate intern

When Nathanya Koehn is not supporting the Product Marketing Team at Leica Geosystems’ office in Heerbrugg, Switzerland, she is rehearsing the most stunning gymnastic dance routines with Zurcaroh, an Austria-based acrobatics and dance show group with more than 10 years of stage experience.

The same hard work and team spirit that characterises Nathanya and her team led them to win second place overall in America’s Got Talent, a TV show with an average of 11 million viewers per season that attracts a variety of special-talent participants, from across the United States and abroad.

Reflectors, lights and rating views came unexpected for the marketing and dance enthusiast who grew up in the Rhein Valley. Nathanya has known Leica Geosystems since she was a child. Her father, who worked using Leica Geosystems instruments, explained to Nathanya “Leica Geosystems stands for precision and high quality” when they would drive by the Leica Geosystems offices in Heerbrugg.

“For me it is important that I can identify with what I am working and that I can see the sense behind it. Our products and solutions are really helping people to get their work done easier and with higher quality. We are helping people to get the best out of their work – I really love this about the company,” explained Nathanya.

This quest to commit her time to meaningful work motivated Nathanya to apply at Leica Geosystems. With her hard-working and helpful nature, she obtained an internship position in the Product Marketing Team. Nathanya is currently supporting the detection portfolio and value brands drafting brochures, social media or supporting events, such as Intergeo and Bauma.

“What I like the most is that I get to do some many different tasks and I am responsible for some projects. I go back home every day feeling I learned something new. Besides the exciting work, I have an amazing team and I feel very comfortable with them. I feel this is the best intern role I could ever get,” said Nathanya.

Nathanya knows the road to success is paved with dedication and perseverance, but mostly, she recognises that collective effort – team work – is behind true impactful achievements. Supported by her team in Heerbrugg, Nathanya conquered with Zurcaroh the stage time after time, impressing the audience and panel of judges. With their breath-taking performances worth of Las Vegas, Zurcaroh made it to the finals and won second place at America’s Got Talent show.

“Being backstage at the Dolby theatre in Hollywood, were the Oscars are given out, staying next to the walk of fame– even if we didn’t see much of Los Angeles since we had to practice nonstop – and seeing how such a huge show is produced it is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity."

“We are so happy and thankful for this whole experience – we feel like we won. Although we didn’t win we are getting offers to perform around the globe. We inspired people and received amazing feedback – this is the most valuable gain you can ever get,” said Nathanya.

Currently, now that the show is over, Nathanya trains three times during the week and during the weekends. “As I love both, work and dancing, I get to live my passion so it is not a huge sacrifice. I try to take time for myself on those days that I don’t have practice and balance my time for work, friends, family and the church group I am leading,” said Nathanya “I am really grateful for all the support the company gave me in this America’s Got Talent journey.”

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