Leica ConX – Cloud Solution & Web Interface to Share and Visualise Data

Open, simplified and user friendly cloud based collaboration platform for managing and transferring of data.


Leica ConX is a cloud-based collaboration tool that allows you to efficiently manage all your connected construction projects and to share job-related data with all stakeholders. Leica ConX enables you to visualise and validate localised reference models, survey data and constructed data with powerful analysis tools for monitoring and reporting site productivity.


  • Visualise designs localised on a 3D project map for quick and easy data validation
  • Assign and automatically share designs and updates to 3D machines and surveyors
  • Connect Leica desktop applications to ConX projects for direct field and office data sharing
  • Aggregate measured points from all connected sensors in real time.
  • Powerful real time cut and fill analysis tool for monitoring project progress.
  • Volume calculating for automated project productivity analysis and reporting

Transparency and real time connectivity

This cloud-based collaboration tool allows you to efficiently manage all your connected construction projects, including third party platforms, and share job-related data with all stakeholders. With Leica ConX, even non-experienced users will be able to visualise and validate localised reference models, survey data and constructed data. Leica ConX provides you the fast and easy-to-use web based suite of tools you need to get the job done quicker, more efficiently and to specification.

Cut/Fill analyses and volumetric progress tracking

The initial surface can be sourced from terrestrial or aerial surveys or simply as files from desktop or third party applications. All measured points from machines or field surveyors can be used to create surfaces that allow for surface comparisons that can from start to target design for grade checking and cut fill analysis. As-built information sent back to ConX are used to create 3D cut/fill maps that allow you to visualise project progress in real time. Volumetric changes are presented in an easy-to-read dashboard for reporting project productivity.

Digital 3D project enviroment

All critical project information from reference models, unit locations & history, and measured as-built information is visualised in real time on 3D overlay base maps for an intuitive and quick overview of the project progress.

Remote support and trouble shooting

Minimise operator downtime with remote real-time communication between office and machine for troubleshooting, on-the-fly training and setup without travel costs and delays.

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Leica ConX

Efficient management of all your connected construction projects and real time exchange of job-related data with all stakeholders.

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