Trusted Services - Our Commitment to Absolute Quality & Reliability

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Trusted Services - Our commitment to absolute quality and reliability

New software services and state-of-the-art IT infrastructure offer a vast potential to optimise your workflow and increase your efficiency and productivity, both now and in the future.

All of this would not be worth much if your data is not secure and protected at all times. That is why Leica Geosystems integrates the highest level of security in Leica Geosystems Trusted Services. Born out of our commitment to absolute quality and reliability, we believe what is true for our instruments worldwide must certainly be the standard for our software services.

Trusted Services include the workflow service Leica Exchange and the customer support service Leica Active Assist to optimise your workflow and increase your efficiency and productivity by allowing fast and safe data transfer and expert on-line support whilst in the field. In addition, the online monitoring service, Leica GeoMoS Now! Is an integral part of Trusted Services to manage, analyse and distribute key monitoring information.

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