Leica AP20 AutoPole for Construction

Experience new heights in productivity with the world's smartest pole

Un trabajador de la construcción utilizando el Autopole Leica AP20, un sistema para estaciones totales robóticas de Leica

The Leica AP20 AutoPole is a revolutionary smart system for Leica robotic total stations that is easy to use and enhances the digital construction workflows of Leica iCON field software with a seamless integration. Whether in building or heavy construction, it resolves critical challenges construction professionals experience daily with the total station operation and deliverers a true digital construction workflow by removing the last analogue step in the process, the pole. The AP20 AutoPole brings precision and productivity gains to different construction phases, with unique target search and identification, automatic pole height readings and updates in the field software and pole tilt compensation. The AP20 AutoPole enables faster and more reliable layout, as-builts and other measurement tasks, which are completed with less mistakes, minimising rework and delays.


The TargetID functionality makes sure that your total station is locked to your target and remains locked until your job is done. Whether on a busy deck or a site where multiple teams are working on a project simultaneously, TargetID enables the total station to identify your target on the fly during search. Maintain prism lock, increase operative time on the pole and be unstoppable with your Leica iCON construction robotic total stations!


The PoleHeight feature of the AP20 AutoPole automatically updates the correct pole height within the iCON field software every time you adjust your pole height. Be confident, when working with 3D design data or recording as-builts, that every measurement is correct when moving around busy sites. Additional processing or rework due to accidentally entering the wrong height is eliminated. The AP20 AutoPole system, in combination with the new Leica CRP4 or CRP5 reflector pole - a necessary component of the solution - is the ultimate productivity booster!

Tilt Compensation

Work smarter, not harder. The AP20 AutoPole tilt compensation provides flexibility to measure or layout points without the need to level the pole. Boost productivity by doing more and also in previously challenging areas without sacrificing project standards, as all quality information is available and recorded. For maximum efficiency, the AP20 AutoPole fully supports flipping the pole, changing the prism position from top to bottom and vice versa, automatically in the iCON field software. Whether trying to overcome obstacles in your way or looking to quickly achieve more accurate layout results, work faster and more conveniently even in the most challenging site conditions.

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Leica AP20 AutoPole White Paper

Read about the technological background of how the AP20 is advancing productivity in automated total station workflows.
Read about the technological background of how the AP20 is advancing productivity in automated total station workflows.