Infinity Surveying Software - Infrastructure

Streamline your tunnelling and road dataflow from start to finish.

Infinity supports tunnelling and road work with start to finish, streamlined infrastructure workflows. Prepare design data for the field, send to Leica Captivate for stakeout and checks, and import after field work to visualise and validate measured data. Infinity enables you to combine infrastructure designs with CAD files and measurement data so in one software you always have the complete overview of your project work.


Infinity offers tools for road infrastructure projects across the workflow, from preparing data in the office to checking the results from the field with comprehensive reporting.

  • Import from a design or input all road features, including cross sections and material layers.
  • Prepare and ensure the data works with Leica Captivate and Leica iCON for stakeout.
  • Import data from Captivate or iCON to visualise, inspect, and verify road layout or checks.


Specialised tools for tunnelling workflows in Infinity allow you to work with or input design data, export to the field for stakeout or checking, and validate measurements.

  • Import tunnel features from a design or manually input to prepare for field campaigns.
  • Import field results or generate data deliverables for profiles and over under reports.
  • Visualise and compare collected data with designs by combining point clouds with measured data, creating profiles, and generating comparison maps.

Material surfaces

To make sure you have all the data for your field campaigns, create material surfaces for any of the layers based on your tunnel or road design data in Infinity. Ensure you are prepared for stakeout, verification, and machine control work, along with providing critical info for alignment, grading, and material decisions.

  • Create material surfaces to use in the field with Leica Captivate and Leica iCON for stakeout and any check verifications required.
  • Connect with Leica ConX and share road and tunnel surfaces to support iCON machine control work.
  • Use the material surfaces to visualize the design data and when required use the tools in Infinity to fill gaps or holes and make sure the data will work in the field

Infinity Infrastructure Playlist

Explore the playlist below to learn more about importing and working with design data for road and tunnelling infrastructure.

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