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600 metres of tunnel scanned safely in 40 minutes

PROJECT: Fast and safe kinematic reality capture in Elbe Tunnel, Germany
PRODUCT: Leica ProScan
OBJECTIVE: Documentation the three older tunnel tubes by kinematic 3D laser scanning to create current, accurate inventory documentation available to the Elbe Tunnel operator.

One of the most important components of northern Europe’s infrastructure lies about 28 metres (92 feet) below the surface of the Elbe River: the Elbe Tunnel in Hamburg. As part of the A7 Autobahn, it connects the southern and northern portions of the Hanseatic city of Hamburg and the Scandinavian countries with Europe’s metropolises. It is about 3.3 kilometres (1.9 miles) in length, with some 1,000 metres (3,280 feet) passing under the riverbed. At peak periods, up to 145,000 cars and trucks pass through the tunnel’s four tubes each day.

The three older tunnel tubes were captured by kinematic 3D laser scanning to create current, accurate inventory documentation for the Elbe Tunnel operator. Previously unachievable without considerable disruption, Leica ProScan enabled the rapid and accurate mapping of the underground environment within tight overnight access restrictions.

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To ensure the future safety of this important traffic route, the three older tunnel tubes were renovated between 2009 and 2013 in accordance with the updated guidelines for facilities and operations of highway tunnels. The state geoinformation and survey office commissioned the Hamburg based company Dr. Hesse und Partner Ingenieure (dhp:i) with the documentation of every tunnel tube by kinematic 3D laser scanning.

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Want to learn more about the kinematic laser scanning project of Elbe Tunnel in Germany? Download the full case study.

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