Construction Remote Controls

High-performing remote controls for Leica Geosystems lasers

Levelling, aligning, squaring, slope and pipe applications - carry them out more efficiently, conveniently and accurately with Leica Geosystems remote controls. Choose the right remote control for your laser and application needs. Benefit from increased productivity and reliability.

Leica Remote Control 400 Rugby 840/860

Increased productivity in levelling and aligning applications

The Leica RC 400 remote control expands the functionality of the Leica Rugby 640 and Leica Rugby 840 multi-purpose rotating lasers, delivering an outstanding and versatile application performance.
  • The Scan 90° and the Plumb Down functions highly increase the accuracy of aligning and squaring applications
  • The Sleep function saves the battery life during your break, storing the settings for an efficient setup later.  

Leica Remote Control 800 rugby grade lasers 870/880Leica remote control rugby 410/420

Reliable grade control from a distance
  • Increase your productivity in grade applications with the long range Leica RC 800, benefitting from added convenience when a laser is difficult to access. This remote control assures reliable monitoring of the Leica Rugby 870 and 880 grade lasers' status, and efficient grade changes from a distance of up to 300 m (radius).
  • The long range Leica RF remote control extends the functionality of the Leica Rugby 410 and 420. With duplicates laser keypad, change settings up to 225 m from the laser. Additionally, the sleep mode of LR remote control shuts down the Rugby for short periods to preserve battery life when not in use.

    Leica Remote control piper pipe laser

Enhanced performance of Leica Piper

The Leica IR remote control communicates with the Leica Piper 100 and 200 pipe lasers via infrared signals. It can be used for easy line control and to activate additional value-adding functions:
  • Strobe Mode
  • Lighted Pivot Point
  • Battery Saving Mode

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