Levelling the cement playing field

Chapter 2: Inaugural partnership pays off

Inaugural partnership pays off

This combination of technologies, Roadway’s concrete paver and iCON machine control solutions, is the first time Roadway has used Leica Geosystems technology. The firm has gone on now to place these new systems in the market, bringing high value to contractors.

“The quality and durability of LeicaGeosystems has helped us providehigher customer satisfaction,”said Zhe. “Since we developedthis solution, we have also seen decreased costs on post-sale on-site services and, ultimately, further strengthened our market leading role as a concrete paving machine manufacturer.”

With the iCON iGD2’s PowerSnap, patented snap-on and snap-off solution, the control panel can quickly be changed from machine to machine. Roadway can now quickly and efficiently exchange the panel between its many specialised machines for applications in highway, railway and more. The firm is currently evaluating future opportunities with this unique iCON feature.

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Story: Levelling the (cement) playing field
Chapter 1: A new way to smooth
Chapter 2: Inaugural partnership pays off

Reporter 75 - June 2016

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