Case Studies

Reality Capture

We are committed to the most accurate and current data capture to create the real digital world. Professionals can modify design to improve any site.

Surveying and Engineering

Our flagship business for almost 200 years, we know the daily tasks of surveyors and engineers. Overcome challenges with our field-to-office solutions.


On average, 80 million people a year are added to the world population. Engineers and builders are supporting this growth with our solutions.

Public Safety

To ensure community wellbeing, public safety professionals need reliable instruments. We provide solutions that produce solid evidence.

Heavy Construction

From airborne sensors to map where infrastructure is needed to a total station for as-built surveys, we cover your every need in heavy construction.


With political, humanitarian and financial impacts, better transit infrastructure improves quality of life. We offer solutions for all project phases.

Power and Plant

As facilities age, operators need to know how to modernise for success. Our solutions collect and analyse data to help you make the best decisions.


Natural formations and manmade structures are under incredible strain. Constantly watch for any potential risks with our many monitoring solutions.


Communities worldwide expect non-interrupted service. With asset collection and management solutions, utility providers ensure continuous provision.


Creating a safe mining environment while ensuring tools are safe are priorities in the field. Our solutions for mine infrastructure do just that.

Natural Resources

Every five days the world population increases by one major city, straining resources. Our solutions support those working to reverse this strain.